Best answer: Why are my Shopify products unavailable on Facebook?

Because you are seeing the “Unavailable on Facebook Marketing” message on your products, it sounds like you may not have completed the onboarding process for the Facebook Marketing app. … At that point, you’ll be able to create and manage Facebook ads directly through Shopify.

Why are some of my Shopify products not available on Facebook?

If you have products in your store but they aren’t available to Facebook Shop, then click Make products available to go to the Products page in your Shopify admin. … In the Manage sales channels availability dialog, check Facebook, and then click Done. Click Save.

Why does my product say unavailable on Shopify?

It seems that this could be either of two things; you’ve entered incorrect information or haven’t set up something properly. We first suggest trying the below. You’ll need to ensure that your third-party domain points your domain name at your Shopify store.

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Why is my product not showing on Facebook?

You can check in Commerce Manager if any items aren’t showing in your ads or shop due to issues. Open the Catalog tab and go to Issues. Check for an error called “Items not showing” and select Review. Click next to any issues listed to see a sample of items affected.

How long does it take for Shopify products to show on Facebook?

It’s gonna take up to 24 hours until your online store is approved, shortly afterward all your products will be available on your Facebook page’s shop section. This is an official feature by Shopify to let merchants update products on Facebook easily.

How do I transfer my Shopify products to Facebook?


  1. From your store’s Shopify admin, go to Sales channels > Facebook.
  2. In the Products section, click View products to open the bulk product editor. Learn how to use the bulk product editor.
  3. Review any publishing errors for products, and make the required changes to product information.
  4. Click Save.

Does Shopify sync with Facebook shop?

Your Shopify products automatically sync to Facebook and Instagram so you can easily create ads and shoppable posts.

Why is my shop pay unavailable?

If you didn’t get approved for Shop Pay Installments, then check your email inbox for an email from Affirm. … Confirm you’re checking the same email account that you use for Shop Pay. Check other email folders, such as your Spam or Junk folder.

How do I know if a Shopify store is live?

Elle here from Shopify. Your store will be live once you pick a plan and remove your storefront password under Online Store > Preferences. Removing the storefront password will not prompt a notification or confirmation.

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How do I reactivate my Shopify store?

Reactivate your frozen Shopify store

Log in to your store as the store owner. Successfully pay the outstanding balance on your account. If you have multiple outstanding bills, then you’re prompted to pay each invoice completely to reactivate your store. To download your bills, you can export your billing history.

Why can’t I add a shop to my Facebook page?

If you don’t already have one, adding a Shop tab to your Page is extremely easy. Just click on settings, and then “Edit Page”. When you scroll down, you’ll see “Add a tab”. Click on “Shop” to add it to your Page.

Why can’t I add a shop to my facebook page 2020?

If you do not see the tab, it means that you don’t have the right page template activated. To set up a Facebook shop, you need a template aptly named “Shopping.” To change your template, go to Settings → Templates and Tabs. Find the Current Template area and click on the Edit button.

How do I use commerce manager on Facebook?

Walk Through

  1. Step 1: Go to Commerce Manager. You’ll need to select a Commerce Account or create a new one.
  2. Step 2: Connect to a Sales Channels. …
  3. Step 3: Connect your Business Account and Catalog. …
  4. Step 4: Set Business Preferences. …
  5. Step 5: Manage Orders and Returns. …
  6. Step 6: Receive Payouts for Orders.

How do I connect my Shopify to Facebook?


  1. From your Shopify admin, click + next to SALES CHANNELS.
  2. Click + next to Facebook, and then click Update sales channel to install the Facebook channel.
  3. Click Start set up on the feature that you want to install first.
  4. Click Connect account.
  5. Sign in to your Facebook account.
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How long does it take for Facebook to approve products?

Before ads show up on Facebook, they’re reviewed to make sure they meet our Advertising Policies. Typically most ads are reviewed within 24 hours, although in some cases it may take longer.

How long does Facebook take to review products?

Facebook says that most ads are reviewed within 24 hours. In reality, some ads are approved in minutes, while some can take days. There’s no official expedite function within the Facebook ads review policy; however, there are some things you can do that may help speed things along.