Can you start a show over on YouTube TV?

You can also start recordings all games from any team or league while watching any sporting event. To do this, pause the game and select the plus icon below the name of the event. Then select what you want YouTube TV to start recording.

Can you restart a program on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV has also at some point (not sure when this happened) added the ability to start a live program over from the beginning if you are DVRing. Now if you arrive 15 minutes into a show you want to watch you don’t need to wait until the end of the show to start it over from the menu.

Can you restart a live stream on YouTube?

In the STAGE TEN Studio, in Stream Control, toggle the switch off to stop streaming to your destination. Then, toggle the switch on again to start resume streaming to your destination. Check your YouTube channel (or YouTube dashboard) to see if your broadcast has resumed.

How do you delete shows on YouTube TV?

How to delete through the app:

  1. Open the YouTube TV app.
  2. Tap on Library.
  3. Locate the show or movie to be deleted.
  4. Tap to access the show or movie page.
  5. Tap on the check mark icon to remove from library.
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How do I reset YouTube on my Samsung TV?

Solution 3: Reset TV to Default Settings

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the remote.
  2. Click on “Settings” and then select “Support”. …
  3. Select the “Self Diagnosis” option and then highlight and click the “Reset” button. …
  4. After selecting reset, you will be asked for a pin.

How do you restart a stream?

Preferred Method

  1. If necessary, press the. Home button. on your Stream TV remote to wake up your device.
  2. From the Stream TV Home screen, select the. Settings menu. Utilize 5-way navigation pad on the remote to highlight and the center (OK) button to select.
  3. Navigate: View more. …
  4. Select. Restart. …
  5. To confirm, select. Restart.

How do I reuse YouTube streaming?

Reuse stream settings

You can easily create a new stream using the same settings as a previous stream. The new stream will copy all of the previous stream’s metadata, settings, and the stream key. You’ll have a chance to change the stream after it’s created. To get started, select your stream and click Reuse settings.

Can I pause a YouTube live stream?

Overview. You can pause your live stream video in order to display a custom message on the video player. This helps keep the public informed when an executive or closed session is in place. The local video recording will not stop, only the live stream.

How do you restart a show on ignite TV?

Make sure the show or movie you’re watching is eligible to be restarted.

  1. Option 1: Find your show or movie in the Guide and check for the Replay icon next to its title.
  2. Option 2: Press the Info button on your Voice Remote and check for “Restart” in the bottom-right corner.
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How long can you pause ignite TV?

The pause function lasted for at least 60 minutes.

How do I start over a show on Xfinity?

Restart Notification

This feature is now officially moved out of Comcast Labs and will be turned on by default in Preferences. When the notification appears, press Info on the remote to invoke the Mini Info. Then select Restart from the action bar to start the program from the beginning.