Does YouTube hide comments with curse words?

Does YouTube remove comments with swear words?

These phrases seem to have been accidentally added to YouTube’s comment filters, which automatically remove spam and offensive text. The comments are removed too quickly for human moderation and are deleted even if the banned phrases are used positively (e.g., “The 五毛 are doing a fantastic job”).

Can you cuss in YouTube comments?

What YouTube Considers “Mild Language.” … YouTube says you can enable ads on videos containing those words, so no worries there. However, swear words that are lewd and insulting will result in demonetization. So avoid dropping frequent F-bombs, racial slurs, and other derogatory phrases.

Can you say the F word in YouTube comments?

Now, though, YouTube will allow moderate profanity like “s**t” and “b**ch” in the first 30 seconds of a video, as well as infrequent strong profanity and censored profanity (the f-word, etc.)

What curse words can’t you say on YouTube?

However, videos that contain harsher swear words — such as f-ck, sh-t, b-tch, wh-re, sl-t, -sshole, c-ck, d-ck, and p-ssy — can still be monetized as long as they don’t appear in titles, thumbnails, or at the beginning of videos, and as long as they aren’t used “repeatedly at the beginning of the video.”

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Why do YouTube comments disappear?

Why does my comment keep disappearing after few seconds on YouTube channels? Comments on youtube does not disappear itself. The reason you could not find your comment is because: Either the channel creator would have deleted your comment or someone would have reported your comment if they found that offensive.

Why does YouTube keep deleting my replies?

In most cases, comments that it thinks may be spam will get hidden and end up in the uploader’s “Comments” tab in YouTube Studio under “likely spam”. They stay there until the uploader reviews them and either deletes them or approves them. If approved they reappear on the video.

What is not allowed on YouTube?

Hate speech, predatory behavior, graphic violence, malicious attacks, and content that promotes harmful or dangerous behavior isn’t allowed on YouTube.

Why are some YouTube words censored?

“The point of closed captioning is to type what is being said no matter what is being said. This includes swear words. “The words are already being said out loud, censoring the words is infantilizing deaf people, especially adults.

How do I stop demonetization on YouTube?

What Can I Do Not to Get Demonetized on YouTube?

  1. Double-Check Before You Upload. Before you press the upload button, there are always a few things you have to fill out. …
  2. Reassess Your Content. …
  3. Request Manual Review for Your Demonetized Videos.

How do I stop being demonetized on YouTube?

Start your own video streaming channel

The best way to avoid YouTube demonetization is to put your content elsewhere — ideally on a platform where the money-making potential rests fully in your hands.

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How do I block swearing on YouTube?

You can enable Restricted Mode anywhere you log in to YouTube to block all mature content, including profanity. If you’re looking to block foul language in your own channel’s comments section, you can add the words you don’t want to see to your Blocked Words list.