How do I add Linktree to Instagram?

Why can’t I add Linktree Instagram?

Shortened links are considered unsafe by Instagram. The reason why Link Trees in not working on Instagram is precisely this: It creates links that are just shortened links. To secure a shortened link, you need to rely on a branded link shortener or custom URL shortener.

Is Linktree allowed on Instagram?

Instagram sees linktree as a way to link sites that are not allowed by Instagram. While many people use it innocently, especially businesses and nonprofits, others use it to link inappropriate or dangerous websites. They won’t allow links to websites with explicit content.

What happened to Linktree?

Something CRAZY happened on Instagram in July of 2018 – ALL Linktree links were marked as SPAM and were temporarily broken. … The app creates a Linktree branded landing page for you to add multiple links to, and then you add the Linktree branded link to your Instagram bio.

Why don’t my links work on Instagram?

This is because Instagram doesn’t allow the use of links. There’s only one place Instagram will let you use a link and that’s in your bio. Compare this to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. which all give you the opportunity to post links to external sites using hyperlinks in your captions.

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How do I create a link to my Instagram account?

Go to For example, if the username is “johnsmith,” type in as the URL. Click the post you want to save and copy the link at the top of your browser.

Is Linktree still banned on Instagram?

No, Linktree is not banned from Instagram. In 2018, there was an issue where all Linktree links were flagged as “breaking community standards,” specifically as a spam website.

Do I need a website to use Linktree?

You don’t need Linktree. That’s where bio link services like Linktree, Campsite, Linkin. … bio, etc.

Why is my Linktree link not working?

Make sure you have entered a valid URL. Check your spelling and ensure the link URL is working. … Also check that you do not have any special characters or that you do not have space before, within, or after the URL. There are certain links that Linktree does not support, for security measures.

Can I paste a link on Instagram?

Instagram users can, and often do, share links by cutting and pasting text links in captions and comments, but there is no direct linking allowed on Instagram. If you paste a link into a post, your followers have to copy and paste the link into their web browser address bar.

How do you post a clickable link on Instagram?

To put a link in your Instagram bio, simply go onto your Instagram page and click “Edit Profile”. Then add your link under “Website”, as highlighted above. Instagram will automatically turn the URL address you enter into a clickable link.

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