How do I find my archived messages on Facebook on my iPhone?

To access these conversations, launch your Safari browser and log in to the Facebook site (link in Resources). Tap the “Messages” quote bubble icon. Scroll to the bottom of the list of stored conversations and tap the “View Archived Messages” link to launch the desired folder.

Can you see archived messages on iPhone?

How to Find Archived Emails on iPhone. Back to Mailboxes menu > Click All Mail. Here you can find and see all the archived emails. If you want to move archived messages to your inbox, select the email > Click Move and choose Inbox to receive.

How do I look at archived messages on Facebook Messenger?

Once you’re in the Chats screen, click the settings icon (the little gear next to the large “Messenger” label) to reveal another dropdown menu. 4. From the dropdown menu, click “Archived Threads.” You will then be taken to your archived conversations, which you can read as you like.

How do you find archived messages on Facebook?

Facebook: How to View the Posts You’ve Archived

  1. Step 1: Tap the three horizontal lines in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. Step 2: Scroll down and tap “Settings & Privacy.”
  3. Step 3: Tap “Settings.”
  4. Step 4: Scroll down to the “Your Facebook Information” section and tap “Activity Log.”
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How do I archive messages on iPhone?

If someone replies to a conversation you archived, the messages show up in your inbox.

  1. Open the Voice app .
  2. On the bottom, tap Messages , Calls , or Voicemail .
  3. Touch and hold the conversation, call, or voicemail you want to archive. …
  4. In the top right, tap Archive .

How do I find my archived messages?

If a message has been archived, you can find it by opening the All mail label.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app .
  2. In the top left, tap Menu .
  3. Tap All mail.

What happens to archived messages in Messenger?

When you archive a chat, it disappears from the chat list and hides but not deleted. You can read the previous messages in that particular chat anytime. … That is, all the messages in the chat thread are gone. You cannot bring back the deleted messages on Messenger.