How do I join the Instagram beta on my Iphone?

Once you’re signed up, the full version of Instagram gets automatically replaced by the beta version, so that’s it! You can start enjoying your new features as they get released to beta users.

How do I get the beta version of Instagram on my iPhone?

On iOS, the first thing you have to do is download the TestFlight app, which is through which all the beta versions that you can access are centralized. Download it on the App Store, and follow the steps accepting its terms to join the program. Now, you have to click on the link to access the Instagram beta.

How do I activate Instagram Beta?

Join the Instagram for Android Beta Testers Google group. Tap Become a Tester in the Google Play Store. Download Instagram from the Play Store to update your app. Turn on automatic updates (the beta version of Instagram for Android will be updated multiple times per week)

Does Instagram have a beta program?

The Android beta program gives people who use Instagram for Android early access to upcoming versions of the app. Join the program to give early feedback and help improve the Instagram for Android app for everyone.

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How do I enable reels on Instagram?

To access it, simply open the Instagram Stories camera and find the Reels icon positioned either between the default Normal mode and Create mode or on the bottom menu next to “Story”.

Why there is no reels in my new Instagram account?

You could have forgotten to update Instagram if you can’t find the Reels in your app. … Even after updating & joining the Beta program if you cannot view the Instagram Reels feature, what you can do is sign out of your account and then sign in to it once again. A lot of times doing this actually fixes a bug.

How long does it take to join Instagram Beta?

The average time is between 5 – 7 days however, due to CV-19 there is “Longer than usual” review times for your app. Your app will be reviewed when it goes into production. Hope that helps.

How can I join Instagram? from a mobile browser:

Go to Tap Sign up, enter your email address, create a username and password or tap Log in with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account. If you register with an email, tap Sign up.

How long does it take to join beta?

Tap the I’M IN button, then tap JOIN. Wait 10-15 minutes for the beta sign-up process to complete, then return to the app detail page in the Google Play Store. You should see a message saying You’re a beta tester.

How do I join Instagram Alpha?

How to join Instagram Alpha

  1. Open Instagram Alpha & Beta TestingCatalog page.
  2. Join an Alpha Google Group.
  3. Go back to the Instagram Alpha & Beta TestingCatalog page.
  4. Press on “Google Play beta form” link.
  5. Press BECOME A TESTER button. …
  6. Press Download Instagram link below.
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