How do I unlink Dragonball legends from twitter?

What is this? For this, you have to go to Facebook or Twitter Settings -> choose apps -> search for Dragon Ball Legends -> remove it or unauthorize it from Facebook and Twitter account respectively. Once done, clear the data of the game.

How do I unlink my Dragonball Legends account?

Select Connected accounts, Linked accounts, or Apps. This may be in the Google app’s Settings section. Find the third-party account that you want to unlink from your Google Account. Next to the third-party account you want to unlink, select Remove or Unlink.

Can you transfer Dragon Ball Legends account?

You can migrate your data by linking it to a Google account, Facebook account, or Twitter account. *Chrono Crystals will not be transferred when transferring data to a different OS. *After successfully completing the account transfer, another transfer cannot be done for the next 24 hours.

How do I backup Dragon Ball Legends?


  1. Go to the menu, then “Other”
  2. Choose “Data Transfer Settings”
  3. Select the transfer via your Facebook or Twitter account. We tried Twitter, but it should work the same way with Facebook.
  4. Choose Twitter and allow sync. …
  5. The game gives you a reward if you pass the transfer.
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Why can’t I transfer data on DBZ Legends?

This error occurs when a player attempts to transfer their account with incorrect social media account (Google / Facebook / Twitter) information input. Please check to make sure that the social media account information you have registered for Data Transfers is correct / re-input the social media account information.

How much data does DB legends use?

A League of Legends game uses 15-100 MB of data

On Riot Games forums, gamers say they use between 15 and 100 MB of data per 30 to 40 minute game of League of Legends.

How do you sell in Dragon Ball Legends?

Now, if you want to sell a Dragon Ball Legends accounts, you’d be pleased to know that it’s just as easy as buying. All you need to do is click on Sell at the buy page or go to your profile and click on Create New Offer. Fill up the necessary fields, and after that your offer will be posted.

What happens when you data transfer in Dragon Ball Legends?

By registering your save data transfer settings, you’ll receive a Z Mission Completion Reward of 500 Chrono Crystals. You can register your transfer settings by linking to one of the below service accounts from the Data Transfer screen.