How do you change your Instagram picture without deleting it?

Can you replace picture on Instagram without deleting post?

Unfortunately, no. There is no option to add or remove an image or video once you’ve submitted the post. Instead, you will need to delete the entire post and re-post it.

Can you replace a photo in an Instagram post?

On Instagram, just like on Facebook, you can’t switch a photo or video after you’ve published your post. But if you don’t like your caption, you can change it, and you can also add or change any location tag, as well as add or delete account tags on the post. You can also add or edit your alt text tags.

Can you rearrange photos on Instagram after posting?

Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t allow to rearrange photos that have already been posted. If they have been posted on Instagram, they are fixed. You cannot change the order of Instagram photos that are already published.

Why can’t I edit my photo on Instagram?

You can’t update your profile picture on Instagram either because of a glitch, or you don’t have an internet connection. … If you’re on Instagram, you should already have an internet connection, so this is out.

How do you put a cover photo on Instagram video?

Tap on Create a Post from the top left corner and choose the Instagram Feed. After you add a video, a new option “Cover Pictures” will pop-up in the right options menu. Select Cover Pictures and Tap on Upload Custom Pictures and select the desired cover picture.

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