How do you read long twitter threads?

The Thread Reader App solves both problems. The website, combined with its Twitter bot, helps you unroll long Twitter threads and generates a unique web page for it. You can read the Twitter thread on the web page with ease and share that URL with a friend who doesn’t use Twitter.

How do you see full threads on Twitter?

Click or tap this message to expand the full thread. Threads on your profile timeline will appear as separate Tweets, in reverse chronological order. Each Tweet that is a part of your thread will have an option to Show this thread to view the thread in its entirety.

How do you get to the end of a Twitter thread?

If you’ve ever started following a Twitter thread only to realize there are just way too many tweets, simply reply “@threadreaderapp unroll” to any tweet by the original poster. When the bot is done compiling the tweets, it will tweet you back with a link to a post that has pieced them all together in one place.

Is there a limit to the length of a Twitter thread?

Twitter tells us there’s currently a limit of 25 entries in a thread, but that number may be subject to change depending on how the feature is adopted by the wider user base.

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How do I use Threadreader?

Go to the comment section of the author and mention the Thread Reader App and then type unroll. (@threadreaderapp unroll). It will almost feel like a Harry Potter spell as you will instantly get a reply from the bot in which all tweets from the author will be displayed to you in a single page.

How do you retweet an entire thread?

Click the Retweet button. The Tweet will then be shared with all of your followers as a Retweet. The Retweet icon will be highlighted. Tap the Retweet icon.

Can you schedule a Twitter thread?

Step-by-step guide to scheduling a Twitter thread

Click on “Compose Thread” in the top left of the screen. … Choose a date and time for when you would like your thread to be published to Twitter. Hit the schedule button and you are done!

How do you make a tweet longer than 25 tweets?

According to a Twitter spokesperson, the limit on the number of tweets you can add via the + button before you publish is 25. After your first tweetstorm goes, you can hit a button which says “Add another Tweet,” then add another 25 to your original thread.

How many tweets are in a thread?

Twitter gives you the ability to add up to 25 tweets in a single thread. And each tweet in that thread can feature images, GIFs, polls, etc. just like a standard tweet does. It’s a great way to expand on a conversation and it can even help get older tweets noticed if you create a thread out of one later on.

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