How do you take age restrictions off YouTube on Xbox?

How do I turn off age restriction on YouTube on Xbox?

To turn off Safety Mode, go to YouTube the homepage and click your profile icon at the top of the screen. Go to the bottom of the drop-down menu. The last item is “Restricted Mode: On.” Click the box and select the “Restricted Mode: Off” option.

Why can’t I watch age restricted videos on YouTube on my Xbox?

Have you verified your age on your Google account? Without confirming your age is accurate the YouTube apps on any platform won’t allow you to watch age restricted content.

How do you take off age restrictions on Xbox one?

Set content restrictions by age

  1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide, and then go to Profile & system > Settings > Account > Family settings.
  2. Select Manage family members, and then select the member whose settings you want to update.
  3. Under Access to content, select the desired age-level restriction.
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How do you stop the age restriction on YouTube?

Android app

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. On the top right, tap your profile icon .
  3. Select Settings. General.
  4. Turn Restricted mode on or off.

How do you get past the age restriction on YouTube 2020?

How to turn off Restricted Mode on YouTube on a computer

  1. Go to and click on your profile icon, located in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of that menu and click “Restricted Mode: On.” …
  3. Toggle the “Activate Restricted Mode” option off (it will go from blue to grey).

How do u change ur age on YouTube?

Verify your birthday

  1. Sign in to your Google Account privacy page on a computer.
  2. Click Personal info.
  3. Click Birthday.
  4. Verify or update as needed.
  5. Click Save.

Why does YouTube say content is age restricted?

Sometimes content doesn’t violate our policies, but it may not be appropriate for viewers under 18. In these cases, we may place an age-restriction on the video. This policy applies to videos, video descriptions, custom thumbnails, live streams, and any other YouTube product or feature.

How do I turn off content restrictions on Xbox Series S?

To change these settings:

  1. Sign in to your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One console.
  2. Press the Menu button  on your controller and go to Profile & system > Settings  > Account > Content restrictions > Access to content.

How do you get rid of screen time on Xbox?

Navigate to and login with your Microsoft account.

  1. Click on Family.
  2. Click on Screen time under your Child’s account.
  3. You will find something like in the picture below. …
  4. Click on Remove to remove the screen time. …
  5. After removing the time, click on Save and check if that helps.
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How do I change my kids age on Xbox one?

Scroll to the bottom of the Your family page, select Manage my child’s profile info. In the Manage permissions page of the child’s account you want to change, at the right, select Edit this child’s personal info and then follow the instructions.

Why can’t I turn off my restricted mode on YouTube?

In case the Activate Restricted mode is greyed out, click on ‘Unlock Restricted mode on this browser option’ present below the same setting. You will need to enter your Google account password. Enter the password. Reload your browser, and Restricted mode should be turned off.