How do you unlock YouTube comments?

How do I Unrestrict YouTube comments?

Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner of the screen.

  1. Go to your account and click on the beta version of YouTube Studio. …
  2. Click on Videos on the left side tab. …
  3. Uncheck the option to allow comments. …
  4. Click on Creator Studio Classic on the bottom left. …
  5. Click on Video Manager or Videos.

Why can’t I enable comments on YouTube?

The most common reason you can’t comment on a YouTube video is the video creator has turned off the comments feature for one or more of their videos. If the video has any controversial content, the video creator may block comments to prevent any unwanted messages or spam.

How do I stop YouTube from disabling comments?

Change your default comment settings

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Settings.
  3. Select Community. Defaults.
  4. Select your default settings: If you have the Community tab: Choose your default settings under “Comments on your channel.” …
  5. Select Save.

Can YouTube block you from commenting?

You can block YouTube channels to prevent users from commenting on your videos or channel. Blocked YouTube channels can still watch your videos, but all their previous comments will be hidden. YouTube channels you block won’t be told that they’ve been blocked.

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Why does it say restricted mode has hidden comments for this video?

If you got the “Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video” error on YouTube, it means that Restricted Mode has been enabled. … In the event that you’re accessing YouTube from a school, library, or work computer, the system administrator might have enabled restricted mode for it.

Why Are All comments disabled on YouTube 2021?

Every YouTube creator, regardless of their location, is legally required to comply with them. YouTube comments are automatically made unavailable when a video is private, or the channel or video’s audience has been made for kids.