Is there a way to only see tweets from people I follow?

To check it out now, just go into the timeline section of your settings and choose ‘Show me the best Tweets first’. We’ll be listening to your feedback and making it even better over time. Then we’ll be turning on the feature for you in coming weeks — look out for a notification in your timeline.

How do I stop twitter from showing tweets from people I don’t follow?

Go to Settings and Privacy on the Twitter app. Then head to Content preferences. Under this tab, go to Muted. Inside the Muted option you will find two options: Muted words and Muted accounts.

Do I see all tweets from people I follow?

I would say yes you do receive them all. Certain replies unless you follow both users are not able to be seen. Cases for replies and mentions : Your account is protected mentions sent to people who aren’t following you will not be seen.

How do you see only tweets from someone?


Change the username to that of the person whose Tweets you want to view. Twitter will now show you the user’s own Tweets, without the Retweets.

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How do I stop seeing tweets people like?

You have to go into the liked tweets or other unwanted tweets and click the right-hand arrow. Then, from the drop-down menu, select “Not interested in this” option. The more you do this, the more the Twitter algorithm understands that maybe you just want to see regular tweets in chronological order.

Why do I not see all tweets?

Truncated profile timelines can be caused by: Accounts deleting many Tweets in a row from their profile. … Tweets more than a week old may fail to display in timelines or search because of indexing capacity restrictions. Old Tweets are never lost, but cannot always be displayed.

What does muting someone on Twitter do?

Mute is a feature that allows you to remove an account’s Tweets from your timeline without unfollowing or blocking that account. Muted accounts will not know that you’ve muted them and you can unmute them at any time.

How do you filter someones tweets?

Do you want to search for an old Tweet or find a specific Tweet? Discover exactly what you’re looking for in search

  1. Enter your search into the search bar on
  2. Click Advanced search, located underneath Search filters on the upper right of your results page, or click More options and then click Advanced search.

Can you block everyone who likes a tweet?

Block likers of a tweet

Once you click on a tweet, there is a link which indicates how many people liked this tweet. Then click on the new button on the top which says “Block all” / “Alle Blockieren”. You can also chose to block all retweeters of the tweet (only direct retweeters without comment).

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Can you remove followers on Twitter?

On the followers page, you will find a list of all the people who follow you. To remove someone from this list, find them on the list and tap the three dots next to their name. In the three-dots menu, tap “Remove this Follower.” A “Remove this Follower” prompt will open.

Can people see what you search on Twitter?

After you protect your Tweets, only you and your followers can read your updates or see your Tweets in Twitter search. If you at one time had public Tweets (before protecting your Tweets), those Tweets will no longer be public or appear in public Twitter search results.