Question: Can you have 2 Facebook groups with the same name?

Yes. Facebook Groups can have the same name. There’s nothing wrong with it if it’s for a generic group. You would want to differentiate yours from others.

Can you duplicate a Facebook group?

If necessary, click Groups from the Main Menu bar. Find and enter the group you want to copy/clone. YOU MUST be an Owner in the group to make a clone. Click the Actions button and select Clone Group, as shown in the below figure.

How many times can a Facebook group name be changed?

Once you change the name of your group, all members will receive a notification that you’ve changed the name. You can’t change the group’s name more than once every 28 days.

How do I copy a Facebook group to another group?

Transferring members to another group

  1. Under the Groups dropdown, select the group that you want to upload members.
  2. Select the checkbox on the top-left corner of the members list,
  3. Click the Select all Group Members.
  4. Select Generate Report and download the file.

How do I merge two groups on Facebook?

Merging Facebook Groups to a New Account

  1. Sign in to Facebook and navigate to the group into which the other groups will be merged. …
  2. Add members from the list to the merged group by switching to the browser tab for that group and entering their names in the “Add Friends to Group” text box.
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Why can’t I change my FB group name?

Why can’t I change my Facebook group name? You can only make changes if you have an admin account. If you are an admin and still can’t change the name, it could be that you have over 5000 members. This is done to avoid abuse.

Can I get a list of members in my Facebook group?

Tap in the top right of Facebook, then tap Groups and select your group. Tap the profile pictures of group members below the group name to see all the group members. The member list will update automatically as people and Pages join and leave the group.

How do I get a list of all members of a Facebook group?

To see the list of group members:

  1. Tap in the bottom right of Facebook and tap Groups then Your Groups, then select your group. If you don’t see Groups, tap See More.
  2. Tap the name of the group, then scroll down to Members and tap See All.

Can I download a member list from Facebook group?

You can export information about members of a Facebook group by utilizing a application within the platform. This program enables users to save the contact information of any user from any of their personal groups. Extracting the information only takes a few minutes to complete.

What happens if you have two Facebook accounts?

The main reason is that Facebook doesn’t allow users to have more than one personal account — it’s against their Terms of Service. So if they find out you have two personal accounts, they’ll shut them down. … On the professional side, there are no such restrictions from Facebook.

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