Question: What happens when you comment on someone’s Instagram story?

When a friend replies to your story with a photo or a video, you’ll see it in your inbox. You can tap to view it and also see a sticker of the original story that’s only visible to you. As with disappearing photos and videos in Direct, your friends will know when you’ve taken a screenshot or replayed a reply.

What happens when you comment on someone’s story?

Unlike posts on Instagram, stories are not permanent and will not appear on your profile after the 24 hour mark has passed. Stories do not receive likes or comments like normal posts, although you can comment on a story via a direct message to the person who shared it.

What happens when you react to someone’s Instagram story?

When a user reacts to a story, you instantly get a message in your inbox. In case you’re wondering, quick reactions and notifications look like this: When clicking on the notification telling the user that you have reacted to their story, they will see emoticons flying up from the reaction.

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Are Instagram story replies private?

Well, according to a blog post from Instagram themselves, Instagram Stories will work slightly differently from an ordinary Insta post, in that private messaging is the only way to reply to a story. So, in a word: No. You can’t “like” an Instagram story, because that functionality isn’t built into the feature.

Are comments on Instagram stories public?

There are no likes or public comments — but you can react to an Instagram story in a different way: Via private messages. … In order to share your warm fuzzies with your friend, you’ll need to tap and send a private message to that person through Instagram Direct.

How do you comment on someone’s Instagram story?

When you see someone’s story, you can reply to it by sending them a message:

  1. Open the story you’d like to reply to.
  2. Tap Send message at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Type your message, then tap Send.

Is it weird to comment on someone’s Instagram post?

It really depends on the person and on what the comment is. Sometimes commenting on a stranger’s picture saying they’re good looking can be a little weird, but sometimes it’s just not a problem at all.

Do you reply if someone reacts to your story?

Instagram users will now see reactions from some people on their Story only with a circular icon. Once you press on the reaction icon, you can then reply to the person.

Should you respond to Instagram story reactions?

If you have a quick response, then give it, otherwise, let it be. I usually double tap (heart) their message when they give the ‘❤️’ or ‘ ‘ reactions. Otherwise I just leave it. Yes, because someone spent even a few seconds to read/watch, then comment and react to my content.

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When girls comment on your Instagram stories?

It means that she likes your posts and stories, but doesn’t want to talk more about other things. You seem to be trying to read a secret layer of meaning into it that isn’t there.

How can I look at someones Instagram stories without them knowing?

Here’s what to do:

  1. Find the profile whose Story you want to view secretly on your feed, and click on the profile right next to it.
  2. Tap on the Story to pause it, and then slowly and carefully swipe in the direction of the Story you want to view.

What does it mean when you can’t comment on someone’s Insta story?

If you can’t comment on the Instagram story, it means the IG owner limits the people who can reply to the story. In the settings menu, tap on “Privacy” to control how others can interact with your profile.

How do you reply to a private comment on Instagram?

How do I reply to someone in a comment thread on Instagram?

  1. Go to the photo or post.
  2. Tap Reply below any comment and add your comment.
  3. Tap Post.