Quick Answer: How do I exit learning phase on Facebook ads?

To exit the learning phase, your ad set must generate 50 result actions in ideally 7 days. This will be easier and take less time if your campaign objective is higher up the funnel, such as traffic optimizing for landing page views, compared with conversions optimizing for purchases.

Why is my Facebook ad stuck in learning?

What is Learning Limited? If you do see learning limited in your ad account, Facebook will most likely give the following the reason: “This ad set isn’t generating enough leads to exit the learning phase. This usually occurs when your ad set is limited by audience size, cost control, budget or other settings.

How long does the Facebook learning phase last?

How long does it run for? The learning phase will commence once you have launched your Facebook ad campaign or when you have made a significant adjustment to your campaign. The learning phase will continue to run until your ad gets approximately 50 optimisation events.

How can I speed up Facebook ads learning phase?

If your product is more of an impulse buy, use the 1-day click 1-day view conversion window to speed up your ads learning phase. Use Value Based Audiences such as a Look-A-Like Audience Based on purchase. By feeding Facebook this data, you’re helping set up your campaign for faster success.

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How do you get out of learning limited phase?

There are multiple ways to fix Learning Limited ad sets to improve performance.

  1. Combine ads sets and campaigns. …
  2. Expand your audience. …
  3. Raise your budget. …
  4. Raise your bid or cost control. …
  5. Change your optimization event.

How do I stop learning phase on Facebook?

To avoid behaviors that prevent ad sets from exiting the learning phase, we recommend you:

  1. Wait to edit your ad set until its out of the learning phase. …
  2. Avoid unnecessary edits that cause ad sets to re-enter the learning phase. …
  3. Avoid high ad volumes. …
  4. Use realistic budgets.

Why is my ad showing learning Limited?

Generally, an ad set becomes Learning limited when the ad set is limited by small audience size, low budget, low bid or cost control, high auction overlap, an infrequent optimisation event or other issues such as running too many ads at the same time.

What is learning phase in Facebook ads?

The learning phase is the period when the delivery system still has a lot to learn about an ad set. During the learning phase, the delivery system is exploring the best way to deliver your ad set – actively trying different audiences, placements, and more – so performance has not yet stabilized.

What triggers learning phase?

The learning phase occurs when you create a new ad set or make a significant edit to an existing ad or ad set.

What is Google Ads learning phase?

what is the learning period? Google’s definition: “After you make a change to your bid strategy, it takes time for Google Ads to gather the performance data it needs to optimize your bids.” … In short: The learning period is the time it takes for the platform’s algorithm to learn from recent, significant changes.

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What happens when you reset ads manager in Facebook?

If you are seeing weirdness in the ads manager you might want to reset the Facebook Ads Manager. Keep in mind that doing this will remove any customized settings such as custom columns (we will get to these later).

Does pausing Facebook ads hurt?

Pausing Facebook ads doesn’t do any harm anything that I have noticed. Pausing your ad allows you to pivot and adjust your ads if they aren’t performing well or if you are on a budget you can control how much you are spending on your ads.