What is the inventory for Facebook?

The inventory field in your Product Catalog represents the stock level for each product available to sell on your Facebook Shop or Instagram Shopping account. This value is reflected in the Product Details Page (PDP) and helps buyers understand how many items are available.

What is Facebook inventory filter?

Inventory filter allows you to control the sensitivity level of the content your ads appear within on Facebook Instant Articles, Facebook in-stream, Instagram in-stream video and Audience Network.

How do I add inventory to Facebook?

When you visit a new Shop tab on your Page, you’ll be asked to set up Commerce Manager. During setup, select an existing catalog or create a new one to hold your inventory. You can then add and manage your products in Catalog Manager.

How do I manage my inventory on Facebook?

Dealerships can manage their listings directly on their Facebook Page.

Edit listing

  1. Select Manage Inventory tab.
  2. Find the listing you want to edit.
  3. Click and choose Edit Listing.
  4. Make your changes and click Update.
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Where is the Manage inventory tab on Facebook?

Go to your Dealership’s Facebook Business Page. Locate and select the Manage Inventory tab. Navigate to Catalog Listings.

What is inventory filter?

An optional way to exclude which products in your Google Merchant Center account can appear for Product Shopping ads. By default, Google will match people’s searches to relevant products from your entire Google Merchant Center product inventory.

How do I filter Facebook ads?

To search and filter your campaigns, ad sets or ads in Ads Manager:

  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Select the search bar.
  3. Enter a search term to choose from a list of predicted searches.
  4. Choose your filters and select Apply.

Do you have to pay for Facebook shop?

At the moment, it’s free to create a Facebook Shop. Once you start selling, Facebook may charge ‘selling fees’, which include things like taxes and the cost of payment processing.

What is tagging products on Facebook?

When posting a status update, photo, or video, Facebook will give the option of tagging products. It works similarly to tagging your friends on your personal page, but if the user clicks on the tag, it will open a separate page just for that product.

Is the Facebook shop free?

Facebook Shops is a mobile-first shopping experience where businesses can easily create an online store on Facebook and Instagram for free. … Now, they’ll help small businesses build and grow their shops on Facebook and use our other commerce tools.

How do I change my inventory on Facebook catalog?

Update a Data Feed for a Catalog

  1. Open your original data feed file. …
  2. Go to Commerce Manager and select your catalog.
  3. Open the Catalog tab and go to Data Sources.
  4. Select the data feed that you want to update.
  5. Select Settings.
  6. Upload your updated data feed file:
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What means SKU in Facebook marketplace?

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit, sometimes called Storage Keeping Unit, and is an alphanumeric coding system for inventory management as well as being one of the most popular methods used for product identification in online marketplaces. … SKU Codes give you privacy in your online listings.

How do I add an inventory Tab to my Facebook page?

Display new vehicle listings

  1. Go to your Page and select the Manage Inventory tab.
  2. Go to Catalog Listings.
  3. Select Edit Vehicles Tab.
  4. Confirm you want to show all vehicle inventory on your Page.

How do I set up a Facebook dealer page?

To create your business page for your dealership, scroll down to the bottom of your page and click on the small print at the bottom that reads Create a Page. Click to select which type of page you would like to create. Select ‘Local Business or Place’. For your category, we recommend selecting “Automotive”.