Why can’t I set a custom URL on YouTube?

However, if you’re unable to set a custom URL, don’t worry. That just means you have some requirements to meet before turning on the feature, which includes: Growing your YouTube channel to at least 100 subscribers. Reaching the 30-day milestone for having a channel.

Why can’t I add a custom URL to YouTube?

How to Fix YouTube Custom Channel URL Not Showing Up

  • Double-Check the Eligibility Requirements. To create a custom URL for your channel, you need at least 100 subscribers, an account that’s at least 30 days old, as well as a profile picture and banner image. …
  • Check YouTube’s Service Status. …
  • Check Your Browser. …
  • Conclusion.

How do you become eligible for a custom URL on YouTube?

To create a custom URL for your channel, your account needs to:

  1. Have 100 or more subscribers.
  2. Be at least 30 days old.
  3. Have an uploaded profile picture.
  4. Have an uploaded banner image.

Can you customize YouTube video URL?

YouTube channels can change their custom URL up to 3 times per year. To change the URL of your YouTube channel, start by signing into YouTube Studio. From the left navigation menu select Customization, and then select Basic info. … Under About, click your custom URL.

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Why can’t I get a custom URL?

To get a custom URL, make sure your channel meets the eligibility requirements, then follow the steps to claim a custom URL. … This is to ensure that channels can get a URL that is unique to the channel’s brand, consistent on YouTube, and shared across all of Google’s services.

How do you get 100 subscribers on YouTube?

How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers on YouTube

  1. Find Your Niche.
  2. Create a Trailer for Your Channel.
  3. Write a Compelling “About” Section.
  4. Promote the Channel on Your Website.
  5. Use Keywords in Your Video Titles.
  6. Add a Watermark to Your Videos.
  7. Embed Videos in Blog Posts.
  8. Have an Upload Schedule.

Why can’t I change my YouTube URL?

You need to go into settings (click on your channel icon in the top right and select ‘settings’ from the dropdown. From here, you need to change your display name first. After this, YouTube will then suggest/enable you to make the custom url fit your required channel name…

How do I create a custom URL?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings in the top right menu.
  2. Click “Advanced”
  3. Select “Add a custom short domain”.
  4. Type your domain, then add.
  5. You’ll be taken to the verification screen. Follow the steps to verify your ownership of the domain.

How can I get YouTube video URL?

Locate a URL using a browser on a computer

  1. In your browser, open YouTube.
  2. Find and click the video whose URL you want to see.
  3. The URL of the video will be in the address bar.

How do you get verified on Youtube?

How to verify a YouTube account

  1. Find Settings in the options on the left side of your screen. …
  2. Click View additional features under Your account. …
  3. Click Verify under your name. …
  4. Select your country and verification code delivery method. …
  5. Have your phone ready and click Confirm. …
  6. Enter your phone number.
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