Why won’t my YouTube video show a thumbnail on Facebook?

If YouTube thumbnails are not showing on Facebook when sharing a video link, the problem might be coming from the disabled “embedding function” on YouTube. To fix the issue, go to the location of the YouTube video you want to share and enable the embedding feature.

Why is my YouTube thumbnail not showing up on Facebook?

When you compose a Facebook status that includes a link, Facebook also posts the link title, description and a thumbnail image from the destination website. … Therefore when sharing a YouTube link, deselect the check box labeled “No Thumbnail” under the status update box to ensure the video shows up.

Why doesn’t my YouTube video have a thumbnail?

If there is no thumbnail available for your YouTube video, Google returns default, blank image. … If you own the video, go to YouTube Video Manager and set a custom thumbnail. Set a poster image in YouTube Showcase. YouTube Showcase, by default, displays the video’s poster image first.

How do I fix my thumbnail on Facebook?

Using Facebook Debug Tool to Clear the Cache

The Facebook debug tool is the easiest way to troubleshoot Facebook thumbnail issues. Simply copy the URL of your WordPress post and paste it in the debugger tool. After that click on the Scrape Again button, and Facebook will update the thumbnail for your post.

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Why is my YouTube thumbnail not updating?

Why are my custom thumbnails disabled? YouTube may disable custom thumbnails for certain search results when they’re considered inappropriate for viewers. All custom thumbnail images must follow our Community Guidelines.

Why is there no thumbnail on Facebook link?

If you’ve pasted a link into Facebook and there’s no thumbnail image showing up to choose, here’s what you can do. To start with, don’t make your update just yet. Instead, head to the Facebook Developers debug tool (search for it if you lose the link). … So, choose your image and post your link.

How do I add a thumbnail to my YouTube video?

Uploaded videos

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Content.
  3. Select a video by clicking its thumbnail.
  4. Under “Thumbnail”, select Upload thumbnail.
  5. Choose the file you’d like to use as your custom thumbnail.
  6. Select Save.

How long does it take for YouTube thumbnail to update?

How long does YouTube thumbnail take to update? After uploading thumbnails for YouTube video and save change, your thumbnail change comes in effect within 8-10 seconds.