You asked: Can Facebook be useful in instruction?

Facebook Live is a new feature that is immensely useful in the classroom. It is a tool that allows teachers to record videos which students may view through live streaming or later. This is a terrific way to record and share videos of difficult lessons so that students can watch and learn after school.

Can Facebook pages group or messenger can be useful in providing lesson based instruction?

A Facebook group can allow your students to create discussion boards, communicate with each other and their teacher, and can be linked with online projects & other classroom groups. Teachers can use these groups to send out mass messages, reminders, and potentially even post homework assignments.

What is the benefits of Facebook in education?

There are many advantages of using social networking, such as Facebook, in education. For instance, they provide better educational services, which help people to learn by exchanging information with one another, as well as constructive discussions to reach agreements on the point of discussion.

Is Facebook useful for students?

Facebook may help students learn better by transforming them from anonymous spectators into a community of active learners, a new study claims. University students who used a Facebook group as part of a large sociology class did better on course assignments and felt a stronger sense of belonging, researchers found.

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What are advantages of using Facebook?

Benefits or advantages of Facebook

➨You can find and invite your friends to connect. ➨You can share each and every moment of your personal life with all your contacts. ➨It provides an interface where you can chat with all the people you know. ➨Business promotion is one of the biggest advantages of facebook.

What are the disadvantages of using Facebook for you as a student?

Disadvantages of Facebook for Students

  • Addiction. While Facebook brings us lots of benefits when it comes to information and news, the same social networking site could bring negative effects to the student’s education. …
  • Anti-Social. …
  • Vulgarity. …
  • Cyber-Bullying. …
  • Health Concerns.