You asked: How can I see what I’m interested in on Facebook?

To do this, go to Ad Preferences (or you can click on the gear icon in the ‘Why am I seeing this’ pop-up). This gives you a complete listing of all the topics Facebook thinks you like – and for the most part, they’re pretty spot on.

How do you find things you are interested in on Facebook?

Classic mobile browser experience

  1. At the top of Facebook, tap then tap Events.
  2. You can tap Today, Tomorrow or This Week to find events during those times.
  3. Scroll to find things like Events You May Like and Popular With Friends.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to discover event Categories, like Art, Comedy and Sports.

How do I delete an interested event on Facebook?

Click “X” next to your name in the Going section of the event page and then click “Yes” to remove the event from your Events list.

How do I see past Interested events on Facebook?

In the top left of Facebook, tap your profile picture.

  1. Tap Events.
  2. Tap Calendar, then tap .
  3. Select Past Events to see events you previously attended.
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Why does Facebook say I’m interested in an event?

Well, Facebook is intended to be a way to SOCIALLY CONNECT with your friends. Events are public, so if you mark that you are interested, all of your friends as well as everyone else who shares that interest is going to see it.

How do you find people’s interests?

Here’s a look at how to get to know someone on a deeper level without a ton of small talk.

  1. Ask genuine questions. …
  2. Focus on questions that further a conversation. …
  3. Avoid rapid-fire questions. …
  4. Accept the awkwardness. …
  5. Actively listen to their answers. …
  6. Pay attention to how they respond. …
  7. Stay present. …
  8. Be honest.

Do Facebook events get deleted?

When you delete an event, everything will be deleted and no one will be able to post. Was this helpful?

Can I see events I declined on Facebook?

If you enter the event and press the button that says “Attending” or “Decline” the opposite alternative will appear and you can simply choose another answer. To see past or declined events, press “upcoming” in the event overview to change the filter.

Why can’t I see whos interested in events on Facebook?

You might be unable to access an event’s guest list if the host decided to make an invite-only event or if the event is a group event that was set up by the admin of a private group. Guest lists for such events are only accessible to invited users.

How do I find out about events in my area?

Whether you’re relaxing at home or enjoying time in a new city, use these smartphone apps to find the best local events.

  1. Eventbrite.
  2. All Events in City.
  3. Unation.
  4. TickPick: No Fee Tickets.
  5. Ticketmaster.
  6. Meetup.
  7. Gametime.
  8. 8. Facebook.
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How do you see past events on Facebook on iPhone?

To see your past Facebook events in the iPhone app:

  1. In the bottom right of Facebook, tap .
  2. Tap Events, then tap Calendar.
  3. Tap Past Events to see events you previously attended.

What is the difference between going and interested on Facebook?

A “going” response may change to a “maybe” without notification. There’s even an “interested” response for people who are unwilling to commit to “maybe”. But more likely, people will either reply they’re attending then be no-shows on the night, or simply not respond to the invite at all.