Best answer: Is this Facebook settlement real?

Facebook, Inc. has settled a class action that claimed Facebook collected and stored the biometric data of Facebook users in Illinois without the proper notice and consent in violation of Illinois law as part of its “Tag Suggestions” feature and other features involving facial recognition technology. Facebook denies it …

When am I getting my Facebook settlement check?

If you elect Direct Deposit, you will receive your payment in one to three business days. Class Members have to submit Claims for additional monetary relief. Claim filing is now open and will remain open until March 14, 2022. After the Claim submission deadline, the Settlement Administrator will process the Claims.

What is the status of the Facebook lawsuit in Illinois?

The announcement comes several months after a federal judge approved a settlement of a class action lawsuit in Illinois in which Facebook agreed to pay $650 million for allegedly using face-tagging and other biometric data without the permission of users.

Who is eligible for Facebook settlement?

Certain employees in California, Arizona, Texas, or Florida who worked as Facebook moderators may be eligible for monetary compensation thanks to a recent $52 million class action lawsuit settlement resolving complaints of employee trauma.

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Will I get a check from Facebook?

Facebook will pay $650 million into a fund, which will be distributed to those who filed claims after litigation expenses are deducted.

What happened Facebook settlement?

A federal judge has approved a $650m settlement of a privacy lawsuit against Facebook for allegedly using photo face-tagging and other biometric data without the permission of its users. … The case eventually wound up as a class-action lawsuit in California.

Did Facebook lose lawsuit?

Both lawsuits were struck down in federal court in June, and while the states’ lawsuit was struck down in its entirety—the judge ruled it had been brought too late—the FTC’s lawsuit was dismissed “without prejudice,” clearing the way for the federal government to file it again. U.S. District Judge James E.

Can you join a class action after settlement?

In general, you don’t need to do anything to “join” a class action. If your legal rights are affected by a class action, you usually will only need to get involved once the case settles. … Some class actions that deal with wage and hour violations may be “opt-in” cases.

Is the Shutterfly lawsuit legit?

Final approval has been given on a $6.75 million class action settlement between Shutterfly, Inc. and a Class of Illinois residents who claim the photo-sharing company illegally collected and stored their biometric data without their consent, violating Illinois privacy law.

How do I join the class action lawsuit against Facebook?

The lawsuit seeks to recover damages for Facebook investors under the federal securities laws. To join the Facebook class action, go or call Phillip Kim, Esq.

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