Can you export Instagram comments excel?

With your Instagram link copied, head over to click on the URL field, choose “Paste” and press “EXPORT COMMENTS”. The process will immediately begin exporting comments.

How can I export all my comments from Instagram?

Select Instagram media. Choose Instagram comments export settings. Click Export Instagram comments.

How can I extract comments on Instagram for free?

How to extract Instagram post commenters into a spreadsheet

  1. Create a free Phantombuster account.
  2. Connect to Instagram using PhantomBuster’s browser extension.
  3. Give the URLs of the Instagram posts whose commenters you want to scrape.
  4. Specify the number of posts to process per launch.
  5. Set the Phantom on repeat.

Can you scrape Instagram comments?

The official Instagram API allows you to programmatically access your own comments and posts on Instagram. … To extract that kind of information, you’ll need to use our Instagram Scraper. The scraper is free to use and will let you download all of this public data from Instagram: Profiles.

Can you export Instagram DMS?

How to download or export your Instagram photos, videos, and direct messages(DM) Click on the gear icon next to your Edit Profile option and select Privacy and Security. Scroll down to Data Download. … Enter your password and click Request Download.

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