Do YouTube comments get deleted?

During the third quarter of 2021, more than 65 percent of removed video comments on the Google platform YouTube were deleted due to being spam, misleading, or scam content. … Over one billion comments were deleted from YouTube during the third quarter of 2021.

Why did my YouTube comment get deleted?

In most cases, comments that it thinks may be spam will get hidden and end up in the uploader’s “Comments” tab in YouTube Studio under “likely spam”. They stay there until the uploader reviews them and either deletes them or approves them. If approved they reappear on the video.

Are YouTube comments really deleted?

You no longer own the comment,Is permanently Deleted (No UNDO ) .

Does YouTube delete comments after a while?

Youtube deletes anything that it ‘believes’ it’s offensive.

What happened to YouTube comment history?

On the top left corner, click on the “hamburger icon” (three horizontal lines) to launch the YouTube options menu. From the options menu, select “History.” In the “MANAGE ALL HISTORY” section, select “Comments.” You’ll see a list of all the comments you’ve posted, starting with the most recent one.

Why are the comments on YouTube not showing?

If your browser doesn’t show any YouTube comments, your cache and cookies will most likely break YouTube’s scripts. Clear your cache, disable your extensions, and update your browser. Refresh YouTube and check the results. If the glitch won’t go away, reinstall your browser or switch to a different web browser.

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Can a Youtuber see deleted comments?

If you delete your reply & if they haven’t read it yet, then they will still receive a notification that you replied on their comment but they won’t read or find it since you said that if you remove it. They will only see to your comment “COMMENT REMOVED BY THE AUTHOR”.

Why is dirty deleting bad?

This is called “dirty deleting,” and it’s rude AF. I’m in several groups where dirty deleting is cause for removal from the group because it shows a low level of emotional intelligence and polices the tone of those who have something to say in response. It lacks culpability and shows cowardice.