Frequent question: How do you like your own TikTok?

Why won’t TikTok Let me like my own videos?

Why does this error message appear? This message appears on your screen because you have liked the videos without entirely watching them. When you press like without really watching them, then TIKTOK assumes that you are a bot and will prevent you from liking or commenting for a specific interval of time.

How do you like a video on TikTok?

Like or dislike a TikTok video

Tap the Heart icon on the right of the video. It’ll turn red, showing you’ve liked the video.

Does watching your own TikTok give you views?

1️⃣ TikTok: a view is basically an impression—meaning, the very millisecond ⏱ your video starts to play, it’s counted as a view. … So if the the video loops, for instance, it counts every single time. One caveat, though: watching your own videos won’t be counted.

Why is my TikTok getting views but no likes?

This is perfectly normal on TikTok. It’s because TikTok shows all videos that are published on the platform to some people on their “For you” page to see, if people like it or not. If the video gets a high engagement with this initial push, it will then be displayed to even more people.

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Why did TikTok take away my likes?

The basic reason of declining likes is that the may be your uploads are not trending one or cannot be related to the trend for which people are searching for. Second reason is that it possible that you also may have not liked others videos.

What does double tapping on TikTok live do?

Double tap: If you tap a video in your feed twice in a row, a heart will light up and you have liked the video.

Where is the like button on TikTok?

TikTok. The TikTok like button is indicated by a heart symbol, and users can use the like button by double tapping on a post they like, similar to Instagram. Liked content can be accessed via the “Liked” tab on a user’s profile.

What happens when you click not interested on TikTok?

Tell the app you’re not interested

Did you know that TikTok allows you to dislike specific videos by marking them as “not interested?” When you mark a video as not interested, the application says it will show you fewer similar videos in the future.