Frequent question: Why is my Facebook feed so slow?

Some of the causes as to why Facebook news feed refuses to work/update are but not limited to: Slow internet connection: Facebook has upped its data usage over time. … Bad application data: There are numerous instances where Facebook’s application gets bad application data or gets its installation files corrupt.

How do I fix Facebook running slow?

How do I fix Facebook running slow?

  1. Use a reliable VPN. …
  2. Fix registry files and delete cache with CCleaner. …
  3. Disable extensions on your browser. …
  4. Try to reinstall JavaScript. …
  5. Remove and reinstall the browser.

Why is Facebook suddenly so slow?

The first reason why Facebook becomes slow and faces issues is the addition of new updates and features; most of the time, Facebook loads slow after an update, like many other platforms. New features are very useful for the users, but they also put loads of weight on the App and server.

How can I get my Facebook posts to load faster?

If your internet connection is not slow…

  1. Check to see if facebook is down right now.
  2. Delete your temporary internet files.
  3. Delete your cookies.
  4. Disable browser plugins.
  5. Switch to a modern browser, like Google Chrome. Or Opera.
  6. Try disabling flash.
  7. Disable anti-virus software (or whitelist
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Why do Facebook posts take so long to load?

If Facebook recently began running slower than normal after you updated your security settings or installed new anti-virus or firewall software, you may have accidentally changed the websites to which your browser has access. Facebook may also be taking a longer time than normal to load if anti-virus or anti-spyware …

Does Facebook slow down your phone?

FACEBOOK’S official mobile app is slowing down smartphones and draining battery life, according to reports. … Tests revealed that when Facebook is installed, Android smartphones can run up to 15 per cent slower.

Is there any issue with Facebook today?

Facebook problems in the last 24 hours

At the moment, we haven’t detected any problems at Facebook.

How do I speed up Facebook on my iPhone?

Clear Facebook Cache

An effective way to improve the speed of Facebook App on iPhone is refresh the Facebook cache. Open Facebook on your iPhone and tap on the More icon in bottom menu. On the next screen, scroll down and tap on the Settings & Privacy tab and select Settings in the drop-down.

How do I clear my Facebook cache on iPhone?

To clear the Facebook app’s cache on your iPhone, you can head into the app’s “Settings & Privacy” menu to clear its browser cache, and delete and reinstall the app to fully clear its cached data.

Why does Facebook load so slow on Iphone?

The predominant theory as to why the current Facebook app for iOS is so sluggish is that the app: suffers from its heavy use of JavaScript in a UIWebView component which does not currently benefit from the “Nitro” Javascript engine which is available to Mobile Safari. is poorly designed.

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