How can I see deleted videos on Facebook Live?

Is there a way to recover a Facebook live video after it’s been deleted?

Its Impossible to recover a Facebook live video that has been deleted.

How do you find old videos on Facebook Live?

Tap any video to open it or simply watch it from the newsfeed. 5. You can also select “Watch” from the original menu instead of tapping “Live Videos.” This will bring you to the general video section of Facebook, which includes all videos — both live and previously recorded ones.

How do you find deleted Facebook videos?

Deleting messages, photos, or videos on Facebook, or an entire Facebook account is a permanent process. Once one or more of these items is deleted, there is no way they can be recovered.

How do I retrieve deleted items from Facebook?

To retrieve the post you just deleted, navigate to More > Activity Log, and then tap Trash from the top menu. You’ll see any posts deleted within the past 30 days via Manage Activity. Tap a post you want to recover and then tap Restore. Select Restore to confirm.

Where is Facebook recycle bin?

You can access both the Archive and the Recycle Bin options from the top of the Activity Log menu (swipe horizontally to reveal them).

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Can Facebook live be watched later?

“The video will be published to the Page or profile so that fans and friends who missed it can watch at a later time. … The broadcaster can remove the video post at any time, just like any other post.”

Does a Facebook live video expire?

Do Facebook Live videos expire? They do if you set them to expire.

How long does Facebook live video stay up?

Yes. The time limit for a live video session on Facebook is 8 hours.