How do I delete a post in a group on Facebook?

How do I delete a post in a group?

Tap Filter in the top left. Scroll down and tap Group posts and comments or Group reactions. Scroll to what you want to delete, then tap . Tap Delete to delete your post or comment or tap Unlike to remove your reaction.

Does leaving a Facebook group delete your posts?

No, your posts are NOT deleted from that group. They remain there unless you deleted them yourself before you left the group or some moderator or admin did that for some reason. Also, if a mod/admin removes you from a group, they have a choice to delete all your posts, pending posts, comments etc.

What happens when you delete a post on Facebook group?

No, but your post never really gets deleted. It can no longer be seen on your page or anyone else’s page, but it is still on Facebook’s servers. They can retrieve it if they wish.

Why can’t I delete a Facebook post?

You must be logged in as an “Admin” to hide or delete posts. If you do not want your customer base to read a particular post, hide the post when deletion is not an option. After the post has been removed from your Timeline, send out an email to your Facebook customer base with an explanation of the error.

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