How do you find a moderator on Facebook?

A moderator is next in line (or below) to the administrator (in terms of hierarchy) in a Facebook group. It is the admin who chooses a moderator and delegates roles and responsibilities to him/her.

Who are the moderators of your Facebook page?

Page Moderators have less access to Facebook pages than Admins and Editors. They can’t post content to the Page, but they can respond to comments posted on the Page by your customers and fans. They can also send messages, create ads, and see Facebook Insights.

How do I recruit a moderator?

The recruiting process:

  1. Having a formal application process,
  2. Making an announcement to let the community know you’re looking for new mods,
  3. Reaching out directly to an active community member,
  4. Asking established mods you know and trust,
  5. Waiting for community members to reach out and show interest in moderating,

Can moderators see admin activity?

Group admins and moderators can see the actions of other admins and moderators by viewing the Admin Activity log. in the top right of Facebook, then scroll down to Groups and select your group.

What do Facebook moderators see?

The Wall Street Journal once described being a Facebook moderator as “the worst job in technology.” Moderators have disclosed watching hours of child abuse, gory violence, and murders, and suicides.

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How do I remove a moderator on Facebook?

To remove an admin or moderator role from a group member:

  1. Tap in the bottom right of Facebook and tap Groups then Your Groups, then select your group. …
  2. Tap and then tap Members.
  3. Below Admins and Moderators tap the name of the member you want to remove a role from.
  4. Tap Remove [Name] as admin or Remove [Name] as moderator.

What’s the difference between admin and moderator on Facebook?

What’s the difference between an admin and a moderator? It’s easy to think of the moderator as monitoring people and content, while the group admin has access to everything. Moderators can approve or deny membership requests and posts within a group.

Can a moderator post on Facebook page?

Moderator. The “Moderator” role is very useful for community managers and customer service. This role allows you to respond to comments, send messages, create ads, and view insights, but does not allow posting and deleting.

How much do Facebook moderators make?

The Times report found that content moderators contracted through Accenture in the U.S. make $16.50 per hour, while those stationed abroad often make less. Accenture makes an estimated $50 per hour from Facebook for each content moderator.

What does a moderator do?

A discussion moderator or debate moderator is a person whose role is to act as a neutral participant in a debate or discussion, holds participants to time limits and tries to keep them from straying off the topic of the questions being raised in the debate.

Can a moderator delete an admin?

However, Moderators cannot assign the admin or moderator role to other members. Note: An admin can remove other admins and moderators. So be careful who appoint as another admin. … If you want to remove them from an Admin or a Moderator role, select Remove Admin/Moderator from the same menu.

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Can a moderator make someone a moderator?

How to Make Someone a Moderator on a Facebook Page. Moderators can do nearly everything an admin does; the main exception is that they can’t make members admins or moderators. Click Groups in the left menu. If you don’t see Groups, click See More.

Can an admin remove another admin?

An admin can remove anyone including creator and other admins. Whatever who the admin add or remove, no one, include the creator, can stop him. Therefore, think carefully, befor promote someone as a admin.