Question: What is new collection in Facebook?

A collection is a customized grouping of saved items organized around a topic or theme. Organize your saved items using Suggested collections or create and name your own collections. In the top left of Facebook, tap your profile picture.

What does collection on FB mean?

Facebook’s Collections, which allow users to organize content found on Facebook — like posts, photos, videos and more — are now becoming more broadly shareable. … Currently, you can choose to share the collection with the public, all your Facebook friends, just contributors or only yourself.

How do I find new collections on Facebook?

Tap in the top right of Facebook. Tap Saved. Tap a collection at the top or tap a saved item to view it.

How do I create a collection on Facebook?

To create a collection:

  1. From your Page, click Publishing Tools.
  2. Under Shop, click Collections.
  3. From Publishing Tools, click + Add Collection.
  4. Name the collection and choose if you want it to be publicly visible.
  5. To add products to the collection, click + Add Products.
  6. Click Save when you’re done.

Can I see who viewed my collection Facebook?

Yes, you can see who viewed your featured collection on Facebook. However, you can only see the names of people that viewed your collection if they are friends with you on Facebook. If they are not friends with you on Facebook, they will be categorized as “Other viewers” instead of “Viewers”.

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Are collections on Facebook private?

When you create a collection of saved items on Facebook, you can choose privacy settings for the collection. There are 4 privacy settings for collections: … Friends: Only your friends on Facebook can see this collection. Contributors only: Only contributors you’ve invited can see this collection.

How do I delete a collection on Facebook?

Delete a collection

  1. On your Facebook Page, click Publishing Tools.
  2. Find Shop in the side menu and click Collections.
  3. Check the box for the collection you want to delete, click Actions and select Delete Collections.
  4. To proceed, click Delete collection to remove it from your shop.

How do I make my Facebook collections private?

How do I change the privacy settings of my collection on Facebook…

  1. In the Facebook app, tap .
  2. Tap Saved.
  3. Go to the collection you want to update.
  4. Tap at the top. If you don`t see , tap , then tap Privacy settings.
  5. Choose the new privacy setting for your collection.

Can you see if someone saves your picture on Facebook?

No, Fb doesn’t notify people of their photos have been saved. They are notified when you leave a reaction, comment or if you shared the post.

How do I edit a collection on Facebook?

To remove a photo or story from a collection:

  1. Tap in the top right of Facebook, then tap your name.
  2. Below See Your About Info, tap and hold a collection.
  3. Tap Edit Featured Collection.
  4. Tap the photos or stories you’d like to remove from your collection.
  5. Tap Save at the bottom.