What happens when you request to join a Facebook group?

When someone invites you to a group and that invitation is approved by a member, admin or moderator, you’ll receive a notification that you’ve been invited to a group. You’ll be able to preview the group and decide if you want to join.

Where do I find my pending request to join a group on Facebook?

Find the “Request Sent” text in the upper-right corner of the group page. This is in the same place as the “Ask to Join Group” button you would have originally clicked.

Do people get notified when you join a group on Facebook?

When joining a group, whether private or public, your Facebook friends might see that you’ve joined it. Some groups are secret and can’t be searched for, in which case a qualifying group member has to invite you. Leaving a group will not notify the other members.

Do you have to be invited to join a Facebook group?

Note: If you invite people to a group, a group admin may need to approve the request before they can join. Pages can’t be invited to join groups as group members. Keep in mind that people who receive the link from you might understand you’re a member of this group.

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Can you request to join a private Facebook group?

Facebook groups can have one of three privacy levels: open, closed or secret. … You can only join a secret Facebook group if a moderator invites you to join, but if you know the URL of a closed group, you can ask to join the group yourself by visiting its home page.

Can I retrieve the answers to my joining question for my Facebook group?

You cannot view the answers of previously approved members. Since Facebook does not give you access to the member answers after you have approved them, the best way is to collect their answers before approving them. You can either save the answers manually or use the chrome extension to collect them automatically.

How do I stop group members from inviting others to join without my say?

How to Prevent Friends From Adding You to Groups Without Permission

  1. Tell the friend directly that you don’t want to be added to groups without your permission.
  2. Block the friend.
  3. Unfriend the friend.

Can Facebook group admins see who visits?

If your group has fewer than 250 people, posts will be marked as Seen after they’re read. If your group reaches 250 members or more, you’ll no longer see who’s seen posts.

Can I join a Facebook group anonymously?

Set your Facebook group to “Secret” to make it anonymous. Facebook groups let users share messages and multimedia with a private set of Facebook users. As a Facebook group admin, you can invite whomever you wish to join. … The most anonymous privacy setting is “Secret.” Only members can see a secret Facebook group.

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