Why do I have 2 Facebook apps on my phone?

Why does my phone think I have 2 Facebook Apps?

It might be because either you have downloaded two applications i.e one original and the other one lite version of it. To verify that you should check application names in the play store. However, if there is just one app, then you should check the app clone of you system.

Why is Facebook on my phone twice?

Welcome to Android Central! Try going to Settings>Apps, select Facebook, then Defaults, and clear its defaults. Then try opening one of those links again.

Is there 2 Facebook Apps?

Yes, it is possible and you can be install two Facebook apps in one Android Phone. Just open the Play Store in your Android Phone and type the Facebook at the top of the search bar at the top of the play Store. Download the two Facebook app on your android phone.

Why does my phone have two of the same apps?

Clearing the cache files: This is a very common reason cited by many users. They can even disrupt the icon files leading to showing duplicate ones. To fix it, Go to Settings, click on manage Apps and search the app that is causing the most trouble. … There click on Clear Cache so that all the data gets removed.

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Why do I have 2 settings apps?

Thanks! Those are just the Settings for Secure Folder (everything in there is like a separate section of your phone for obvious reasons). So if you install an app there, for instance, you’ll see two listings (although the secure one can only be viewed in the secure partition).

How can I have two Facebook accounts on one phone?

The first Facebook account that you link to the app becomes your primary account. To add additional accounts, open the app preferences and tap on Accounts. Here you will be given the option to Add another account. The app will ask for the Facebook username and password of the second account you would like to configure.

Is Facebook app installer a virus?

Another stark reminder this week for millions of Android users to beware what they install from the Play Store—it is no guarantee of safety or security. … These apps were designed as droppers to infect target phones with malware that was coded to listen out until a user opened a Facebook app.

How do I get rid of multiple Facebook accounts?

Under personal information (right hand column), click on close account. Then, select the reason you want to close your account and click continue. Continue to follow the prompts to close the extra account. Facebook – Log in to the facebook profile you would like to delete.

Can Facebook have two accounts?

Don’t have multiple Facebook accounts. … The main reason is that Facebook doesn’t allow users to have more than one personal account — it’s against their Terms of Service. So if they find out you have two personal accounts, they’ll shut them down.

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How do I get two of the same apps on Android?

Here is how you can run multiple instances of an app using Parallel Space:

  1. Open Parallel Space and tap on the apps you want to clone.
  2. Select Add to Parallel Space.
  3. Once the apps are in the Parallel Space, tap on the one you want to run.
  4. Enjoy using the second version of the app.

How many different Facebook apps are there?

There Are Over 60 Different Versions of the Facebook App.

How do I see what apps are connected to my Facebook?

To see which apps you log into with Facebook, now or in the past, go to settings, then “apps and websites,“ then “logged in with Facebook. “ From here, you can see all the apps you’ve logged into with Facebook, now or in the past.