You asked: What does it mean when a post is custom on Facebook?

When you use the Custom audience option to share a post with a list or specific people, the people you share the post with may be able to see each other’s names. You can also use the Friends Except and Specific Friends audience options to include or exclude specific friends from your post.

What does it mean when a Facebook post says custom?

Custom: When you choose Custom, you can selectively share something with specific people, or hide it from specific people. You can also share with specific friend lists if you’ve set them up.

Can friends see my custom lists on Facebook?

“If you choose to share with one of your default lists (Close Friends, Acquaintances, Restricted) or a custom list, the people on that list will be able to see the other people included on that list; however, they won’t be able to see the name of that list.

What does share now custom mean?

Share Now (Custom): If you have selected a custom audience who can see your Facebook post, this option is perfect while you are sharing a post to your custom audience only. Share: This option helps you to choose your audience again when you click on it. … From the custom audience, I mean your selected Facebook friends.

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What’s the meaning of custom privacy?

And by plugging your Friend Lists into the Custom Privacy dialog, you can make specific content visible or invisible to entire categories of people you’re friends with on Facebook.

What does custom privacy mean?

Facebook’s “custom” privacy setting lets you pick specific people or groups of people to share your posts with. For example, you can set up friend lists to include people with specific interests or points of view.

How can you tell if someone has you as a close friend on Facebook?

You cannot identify whether you are in a close friend group of someone by any other means. The only way for you to figure out if you are on someone’s close friend list is to wait for someone to share their stories with their close friends circle.

What should you not post on Facebook?

10 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook

  • How much you hate your job. …
  • Embarrassing pictures of other people. …
  • Your birth year. …
  • Strong political or religious opinions. …
  • Curse words. …
  • Other people’s big news. …
  • Details of your vacation. …
  • Posts intended to make others envious.

How do I change my custom share on Facebook?

Tap in the top right of Facebook, then tap your name.

  1. Scroll down to the post you want to edit.
  2. Tap in the top right of the post and select Change Audience.
  3. Select a new audience from the options that appear (example: Public, Friends, Only Me).
  4. Tap Done at the bottom.
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What is an example of a custom?

Custom is defined as a tradition or a usual way to behave. An example of custom is Catholics giving up meat on Fridays during Lent. The definition of custom is made or designed specifically for an individual. An example of custom is a wedding gown that the bride designed herself.

What is the full meaning of custom?

1a : a usage or practice common to many or to a particular place or class or habitual with an individual It is the custom in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. funeral customs. b : long-established practice considered as unwritten law.

What is custom in jurisprudence?

Custom is a habitual course of conduct observed uniformly and voluntarily by the people concerned. … Customs arise whenever a few human beings come permanently without adopting consciously or unconsciously, some definite rules governing reciprocal rights and obligations. Custom is to society what law is to the state.