Best answer: Can you hide twitter fleets?

You can only mute a Fleet from someone who has recently posted one. So, you can only hide Fleets from any avatar bubble in the row of thumbnails at the top of your Twitter feed. To mute a Fleet, tap and hold a profile’s Fleet bubble to reveal the hidden settings.

How do I turn off fleets on twitter app?

How to disable fleets? This “Go to settings > Content preference > Fleets > Disable” didn’t work!

How do you hide fleets?

You will see the Fleets on the top of your feed. In order to mute the fleets of an account you do not wish to interact, tap and hold on the account’s fleet at the top of your feed. A pop up menu option will appear. From the pop up menu, choose the option of “Mute” and the name of the account which you want to mute.

Can you hide fleets from someone?

Twitter lets you mute all fleets from a specific user, similar to how you can mute someone’s tweets. … Users can share images, videos, text, and tweets that disappear in 24 hours. Although you can’t mute the fleets feature entirely, you can remove fleets by certain users from the fleet bar on your Twitter app’s homepage.

Can you delete fleets?

Step 1: Tap your profile picture in the Fleets bar at the top of the screen. Step 2: Tap the down arrow (“v”) in the top-right corner of the Fleet you wish to delete. Step 3: Tap “Delete Fleet.”

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How do you hide space on twitter?

Tap your profile photo on the top left menu and navigate to Settings and privacy. Under Settings, go to Privacy and safety and then to Spaces. Choose if you want to Allow followers to see which Spaces you’re listening to by toggling this on or off.