Best answer: Can you use multiple cameras on facebook live?

You can set up your iOS devices as cameras to offer multiple views of your live broadcast. … During the broadcast, view comments in real time to engage with your audience. Switcher Studios lets you go live to your Facebook timeline, page, group, or event, or to YouTube.

How do multi lens cameras work?

The camera module sensor is placed vertically within the phone and aimed at a lens with an optical axis that runs along the body of the phone. A mirror or prism is placed at the correct angle to reflect light from the scene into the lens and sensor.

Can you stream on 2 platforms at once?

Yes, anyone can stream to multiple platforms at once. All you need is a webcam, a stable internet connection and software or hardware encoder that supports multistreaming to your platforms of choice.

Is there a phone with 4 cameras?

Samsung’s latest smartphone has more cameras than any premium phone from Apple, Google, or LG — but that doesn’t mean it’s better. Samsung announced its Galaxy A9 phone with four rear-facing cameras.

What is a dual camera?

On the surface, “dual camera” seems straightforward enough. It implies a setup that uses—you guessed it—two cameras. Now, we can refine this definition further by saying that, regarding smartphones, a dual camera system typically includes two separate cameras—each with its own sensor and lens—on the back of the phone.

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What is the point of multiple cameras on a phone?

The main reason why some phones have many cameras is to improve the photographic capabilities of the smartphone. Typically, each camera has a different angle-of-view, which means one camera can fit more things in the shot (wide-angle) than another (telephoto).

How do you watch multiple streams at once?

MultiTwitch is another third-party site that lets users to watch many Twitch broadcasts at once. Simply navigate to the bottom-right of the home page of the site and click “Change Streams,” then paste the link to the streams you want. Twitch Twitch is the home of many gaming streamers.