Best answer: Is it bad to post too many YouTube videos?

Is it bad to upload too many YouTube videos?

Subscriber Burn

Every YouTube user’s homepage is a feed of recent videos from channels they subscribe to. They are put in order of the channels they watch most frequently. If a user skips over too many new videos from the same channel, that channel will begin to fall down the feed, and eventually disappear.

How many YouTube videos should I post?

Recent reports have shown that YouTube channels that post more than once a week are performing much better and getting more recommended views. If possible, post a video to YouTube three or more times per week, especially if you’re just starting out and trying to build an audience.

How many YouTube videos can you post in a day?

Youtube only allows its users to upload a measly 30 videos per day, and I’m a sound maker and need to upload way more sound effects per day than that. Youtube needs to raise the upload limit to at least 50–100 videos per day, and why Youtube has lowered the limit to 30 videos a day seems excessive and odd.

Is it bad to post everyday on YouTube?

In general, every YouTuber should try uploading daily, but only for a short time period to avoid burning out. If you’re brand new to YouTube, spending a month uploading daily can have major benefits in the long-term growth of your channel.

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Can you post too much content on YouTube?

The “But I’ve Got Too Many Videos” Problem

If you just have too many videos, and every one of them is a No. … But remember – YouTube channels and the videos on them are essentially permanent. You can delete them but you can’t otherwise change the videos after they’ve been made public.

How many videos should I upload a day?

Sometimes 2 per day. Also, it depends on the subject your videos are based on. Teaching, DIY, Recipes, and such: 1 per day/ 1 per week would also suffice if your videos have detailed instructions. You should also give time for the viewers to practice what you have taught them.