Can I block someone from seeing my public posts on Facebook?

Next to Who can see your future posts, select Edit. In the drop-down menu, choose Friends. Now only people you’re friends with on Facebook can see your posts. … If you friend people you don’t personally know on Facebook, choose Friends except, then identify the people or groups you don’t want to see your posts.

Can you hide a public post from someone on Facebook?

Go to their profile. Click at the top of their profile. Select Edit Friend List. Select Restricted.

Can I hide a public post from someone?

It’s easy to hide a post from certain people as well as showing a post to only certain people. To hide a post from a certain person, log in to your Facebook account in a browser and write your post in the Status box. Click the “Friends” button to the left of the “Post” button and then click “More Options.”

How do I stop posting publicly?

ALL photos you shared are in “Shared albums” under the “Sharing” tab in Google Photos. See There is such option for shared albums under: 3-dots > Options where you can turn “Sharing” off.

Who can see public posts on Facebook?

Anyone can see your public information, which includes your name, profile picture, cover photo, gender, username, user ID (account number), and networks (learn why). Only you and your friends can post to your profile. When you post something, you can control who sees it by using the audience selector.

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Why are some of my Facebook posts public?

Facebook is making all of the public posts on the social network easily searchable. The idea is to make it easier for people to follow conversations unfolding in real time, like on Twitter. … “Friends” means your Facebook friends can see what you post and search for your posts.

Why is Facebook making my posts public?

The issue is just the latest privacy problem for the scandal-ridden company. The bug meant that Facebook automatically switched the privacy settings on users’ posts onto public, even if they had previously restricted them only to friends or to specific people.

Are all Facebook posts public?

Some things you share on Facebook will always be public. For example, when you post or comment in a public group, your post or comment will be public and can be seen by anyone. Learn more about public information on Facebook.