Frequent question: How do I use Eventbrite on Facebook?

To add Eventbrite tickets to a Facebook event, first go to your event dashboard, navigate to Invite & Promote from the left-hand menu, click Add to Facebook, and connect.

How do I link tickets to a Facebook event?

Go to your business’s Facebook Page. From the sharing tool at the top of your Page’s Timeline, click Offer, Event + and then click Event.

  1. Go to your Page’s event.
  2. Click Edit in the upper-right corner.
  3. Next to Tickets, enter the web address where people can buy tickets to your event.
  4. Click Save.

Can I sell event tickets on Facebook?

Free and paid tickets can be sold on Facebook, but donations are not allowed for this process. Choose the one that makes the most sense for your event. You can also specify if you would like to have reserved seating. Keep in mind that when you create a ticket you can give each ticket a name and quantity.

How do I create a paid in event on Facebook?

Create your first event.

  1. Create an event from your Page. Go to your Page on Facebook. …
  2. Select the name and location for your paid online event. Fill in your Event Name. …
  3. Fill in additional event details. Choose your price from the drop-down menu. …
  4. Publish your event.
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What is Eventbrite on Facebook?

The new Eventbrite-powered Ticketing on Facebook feature enables all Facebook pages in the U.S. to select Create Tickets during the process of setting up events, at which point they can add the options of free or paid tickets, which will be displayed prominently on the event page.

Why is my Facebook page not showing up in Eventbrite?

If all your Facebook pages do not appear when adding your event to Facebook, go to Facebook and check the following: Make sure that you are an admin of the Facebook page. Review the app privacy settings. Make sure that the Eventbrite app is able to access all pages.

How do I add an Eventbrite page to Facebook?

Connect your Eventbrite account to Facebook

  1. Hover over your account name and select Manage events from the drop-down.
  2. Click Manage under the Eventbrite event that you want to add your Facebook pixel to. You’ll also have the option to enable your pixel for all Eventbrite events in your account.

Is eventbrite owned by Facebook?

Eventbrite is an American event management and ticketing website. The service allows users to browse, create, and promote local events.


Type of business Public company
Created by Kevin Hartz, Julia Hartz, Renaud Visage
Founder(s) Julia Hartz Kevin Hartz Renaud Visage

How do I sell tickets I bought on Eventbrite?

To sell tickets at your event, use the Eventbrite Organizer app. Download the app, log in, and select your event. Then, tap “Sell” (in the toolbar) to get started.

1. Select your event and go to “Sell”.

  1. Select the three-dot icon.
  2. Select the current event name.
  3. Search and tap your desired event.
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How do I publish an event to a group on Facebook?

Tap in the top right of Facebook, then scroll down to Groups and select your group.

  1. Below the cover photo, tap More and select Create Event.
  2. Fill in the details for your event.
  3. If you want to invite all members of your group, select Invite all members. …
  4. Tap Create in the top right.

How do I publish an event on Facebook?

Publish Events To Facebook

  1. Connect to Facebook. Login, create your event on the Big Tickets platform or copy a past event and then connect to Facebook.
  2. Review and Publish Your Event. Review your event details and make any needed edits for your Facebook event. …
  3. Promote Your Event on Facebook.

How do you use Eventbrite?

Create an event to sell tickets using Eventbrite. To get started, click “Create event” and enter your event details.

Create an event

  1. Set up your event details.
  2. Create a new event.
  3. Enter your Basic info.
  4. Add your dates.
  5. Add your event image and details.
  6. Set up your online events page.
  7. Save & Continue.
  8. Set up your tickets.

How do I login Eventbrite?

Your Eventbrite account: When you register for an event, Eventbrite automatically creates an account associated with your email address. Log in using the same email address and select “Tickets” from the dropdown in your Eventbrite account.

How do I add a Facebook pixel to Eventbrite?

Add your pixel to your Eventbrite event

  1. Go to your event dashboard. Go to Manage events in your account. …
  2. Go to “Tracking pixels” (under “Marketing”).
  3. Click “Facebook pixel” and enter your Facebook pixel ID. Choose between “This event” and “All events”. …
  4. Optional: Create additional events. …
  5. Save your changes.
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