Frequent question: How do you unpinned a tweet from a tweet?

Step 1: First, open your Twitter app on your device. Step 2: Next go to your Profile page. Step 3: Now you need to tap the Down-arrow icon from your pinned tweet. Step 4: From the given option select Unpin from the profile.

How do you unpin someone else’s tweet?

To unpin pinned tweet, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your profile page on Twitter.
  2. Click on the ellipsis on the upper hand right-side corner.
  3. Out of the options, select unpin from profile page.
  4. Completed. You now deleted and unpinned that pinned tweet.

How do you unpin someone else’s tweet on iPhone?

How to unpin a tweet in Twitter on iPhone

  1. Go to your Twitter profile.
  2. Tap the more icon at the top right of your pinned tweet.
  3. Tap Unpin from profile and select Unpin.

What happens to an unpinned Tweet?

Unpinning a Pinned Tweet from Your Profile

Confirm the removal with “Unpin,” and the tweet will be removed from the top of your profile. Tip: Deleting the tweet will also unpin it if that wasn’t obvious. Below, you can see a profile with a pinned tweet (left) and after removing it (right).

What is pinning a tweet?

Pinned Tweets are Tweets that stay static on the top of your profile. When people visit your profile, the pinned Tweet is the first thing they see, regardless of when you Tweeted it. That gives it prime real estate on a social network that typically moves lightning fast.

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How do I unpin a Twitter list?

If you want to remove a list from the timeline, you can tap on the Pin icon again to unpin it. You can also reorder the lists by first tapping on the “Edit” button. Then tap and hold on the Handle icon and move the list so that they’re in the order that you want. Once you’re done editing, tap on the “Done” button.

How do you pin a moment on Twitter?

How to Create a Twitter Moment

  1. Click “Create new Moment” on the top-righthand side of your Twitter Moments feed.
  2. Choose a title, description, and cover photo for your Moment.
  3. Add tweets you want to include in your Moment.
  4. Remove or reorder your Twitter Moment content using the icons to the right of each added tweet.

How do I pin a tweet on 2021?

Pinning a Tweet on a Smartphone App (Android & iPhone)

  1. Go to the tweet you seek to pin.
  2. Click on the triangular symbol on the top-right corner of your profile page.
  3. Select the option ‘pin to my profile page’.
  4. You’ve successfully pinned a tweet from your smartphone app.