How do I delete live streams on Facebook?

How do I delete a Facebook stream?

Delete a Video

  1. Go to your Page, then click Publishing Tools.
  2. Click Video Library.
  3. Select the video you’d like to delete.
  4. Click Actions.
  5. Click Delete.

Can you delete a live stream?

This will permanently remove all of your content from Livestream and cannot be undone! At the bottom of the account settings, select Delete Livestream Account. To proceed with deleting your account, enter your password, then select Delete.

Why can’t I delete my Facebook live video?

All you need to do is be logged in to the Facebook account from which the video was uploaded (if you have multiple accounts), then click “Photos,” “Video” and “My Video” and start playing the clip you want to remove. Once the video is playing you’ll see a “Delete” link along the bottom.

How do I delete a live post?

Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.

  1. Tap in the top right.
  2. Tap Archive.
  3. Tap Posts/Stories Archive at the top, then tap Live Archive.
  4. Tap the live broadcast you want to delete.
  5. Tap Delete, then tap Delete again to confirm.

How do you delete streaming videos?

Bulk deletion

  1. To select videos, select the checkbox to the left of the videos. To select all videos visible on the page, click Select all. Note. …
  2. To delete selected videos, click Delete video(s) Note. This will move the selected videos to the Recycle bin within the Admin settings.
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How do you delete a live stream on YouTube?

Originally Answered: How do I delete an unpublished live stream on YouTube? Go to My Channel >Video Manager, Check next to the video you want to delete, go to the actions tab, select delete and click delete.

How do I turn off YouTube live streaming?

Go back to your YouTube dashboard and click Go Live. To end the stream, click End Stream.

How long does a Facebook live video stay on Facebook?

The time limit for a live video session on Facebook is 8 hours.

How do I cancel a premiere on Facebook?

If you need to delete a Premiere video that you scheduled, just go to the post and click on the … option and delete the post. You can also edit your Facebook Premiere video there as well if you need to make any adjustments.