How do I remove photos from my Facebook business page?

Why can’t I delete a photo from my Facebook page?

You cannot delete photos you did not upload to Facebook yourself. You can remove the tag and that removes the photo from your profile. Additionally, you can ask friends to remove the Facebook photos from their profiles.

Why can’t I delete posts from my Facebook page?

You must be logged in as an “Admin” to hide or delete posts. If you do not want your customer base to read a particular post, hide the post when deletion is not an option. After the post has been removed from your Timeline, send out an email to your Facebook customer base with an explanation of the error.

How do I clean up my business Facebook page?


  1. Go to your business profile page.
  2. Take a look at the Navigation, and make a note of any tabs you would like to remove.
  3. Click “Manage Tabs” at the bottom of the Navigation.
  4. Click “Add or Remove Tabs.”
  5. If you’d like to remove an app from your page, you can click the X on the right to remove it from you page.

How do I archive posts on my Facebook business page?

To archive your content:

  1. Go to the post that you’d like to archive.
  2. Tap in the top right of the post.
  3. Tap Move to archive.
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