How do I turn off reply to comments on Facebook?

On the settings page that opens up, under the General tab, click Edit representing the Replies category. From the expanded interface, uncheck the Allow replies to comments on my page checkbox. Once done, click the Save Changes button to save the changes.

How do I turn off replies to comments on Facebook?

Go to Settings & Privacy, then click Settings, and go to General. Scroll down and clear the Allow replies to comments on my Page checkbox in the Replies section. Click Save Changes.

Can you turn off replies to a Facebook post?

Simply click on the three dots icon at the top right of the post. From the options that pop up, tap on “Turn off commenting.” Comments will now be disabled.

How do I change Comment settings on Facebook?

How do I turn comment ranking on or off for my Facebook Page?

  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  2. Go to your Page.
  3. Click Page Settings in the bottom left of your Page.
  4. From General, click Comment Ranking.
  5. To turn comment ranking on, click to check the box next to See most relevant comments by default.
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How do I restrict comments on Facebook?

To restrict comments on a Facebook post: Go to the desired post on your profile for which you want to restrict the comments. Click the three-dot option on the top-right corner of the post. Click on ‘Who can comment on your post.

Why can’t I turn off commenting on a Facebook post?

To do this, you must be an admin or a moderator in the group. To use this option, access the post for which you want to turn off comments on Facebook. At the top-right corner of the post, click the three dots. In the three-dots menu, click “Turn Off Commenting.”

How do I stop someone from commenting on my photos on Facebook?

At the bottom of the dialog box in TINY print you can click a link called “modify privacy controls” At the bottom of this page you can click “Customize Settings” FINALLY look for the heading titled “Can comment on posts” and select “Customize” in the drop down list. From here you can select “Only me”

How do I turn off most relevant comments?

How to Turn off most relevant for your profile or page

  1. Visit your Facebook Page and click on Settings at the top right.
  2. Click on General and select the “Comment Ranking” option.
  3. Uncheck the box next to “See most relevant comments by default.”
  4. Click on Save Changes.

How do I control who can comment on my posts on Facebook?

To change who can comment on an individual public post on your profile:

  1. Go to the public post on your profile that you want to change who can comment on it.
  2. Tap. in the top right of the post.
  3. Tap Who can comment on your post?
  4. Select who is allowed to comment on your public post: Public. Friends.
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How do I stop my comments from appearing on other people’s news feed?

Click the “Edit” button next to each app and then click the audience selector next to the “Posts on your behalf” option. Select who these posts should be visible to or click “Only Me” to prevent them from appearing on anyone’s news feed.