Is it safe to accept follow request on Instagram?

Yes, a follow request means that another Instagram user wants to follow your private Instagram account. You can either accept the request (allow them to follow you) or delete the request (don’t allow them to follow you).

What happens if you accept a request on Instagram?

When you accept a follow request, it just means that the person will be your follower, but you won’t automatically follow the person back, you have to manually and intentionally do it yourself. Instagram works like Twitter.

Is it safe to allow strangers to follow on Instagram?

As with Twitter, anyone on Instagram can follow the photo feed of anyone else—including you—unless their profiles are set to “private.” Let’s say, though, that a few strangers managed to follow your Instagram photos before you set your account to private mode.

Why do I keep getting Instagram requests?

These reasons are possible: When you like someone’s post or leave a comment, someone may have seen your account and might be attracted by your profile photo. People might be attracted by your bio. They might have searched your Instagram name or ID.

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Can I see if someone rejected my follow request on Instagram?

you will know when someone declines and you go to their account and it says follow. That means they declined your request and it went back to follow. If they rejected your follow request it will make the blue follow button pop up again instead of having the grey requested button.

Should I accept message requests Instagram?

Accepting the message request implies not only the possibility of communicating with the person who sent the request, but also allows the sender to know that the message has been read. However, the sender will not be able to access your profile if it is private and you didn’t accept him or her as a follower.

Why do strangers ask to follow you on Instagram?

Because the fact you just signed an Instagram account and haven’t posted yet (as you are saying), your profile is being suggested to other users to follow. You will more likely get random strangers to follow if you don’t follow any of your friends you know.

Is it better to be private or public on Instagram?

In general, it is good to have public account if you are running business, your images are not personal, and you want to receive the Instagram analytics. If you want to have private account, then you should know that you cannot switch the account to a business or creator one.

Should Instagram be private?

Going private might be a good idea. Some sensitive content could get your account reported, causing your account’s suspension. Private accounts are less likely to be reported for sensitive material as your followers are there to enjoy your content.

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How do you stop someone from requesting you on Instagram?

Tap “Others on Instagram.” Under “Others on Instagram,” tap the “Don’t Receive Requests” option. Exit Settings by tapping back several times. You have now disabled message requests on Instagram.

What happens if you ignore follow request on Instagram?

If you reject anyone’s request they won’t be notified of your rejection. But when that person tries to Follow you the Follow button in your profile for them will change to Requesting. And if you reject their request it will again turn to Follow .

Why would someone follow me but not accept my follow request?

She might have forgot to accept your follow request. She might be afraid of your comments on her posts. She might be hiding something from you which is on her profile. Can be many more such reasons, better ask her.