Quick Answer: Why is my facebook not showing anything?

The first fix is to ensure you have the latest version of the Facebook app or browser in use. Also, turn any ad blocking software off or make sure Facebook is included as an exception. If this doesn’t work, it may be a format issue caused by photo editing. … Always try to keep Facebook photos under 15MB.

Why is nothing showing up on my Facebook?

If your Facebook feed doesn’t appear to be showing the most recent posts, or if some posts which are shared to your Facebook page are missing, then the most likely explanation is that those posts in your feed may be shared from a user’s personal Facebook profile or a Facebook page which has an age or location …

How do I get my Facebook news feed back?

How to change the Facebook News Feed Settings:

  1. Click the three dots (…) next to News Feed and select Edit Preferences.
  2. Update which Friends you see first and which to Unfollow.
  3. Reconnect with Friends you’ve Unfollowed and ones you’ve Snoozed.
  4. Discover new Pages.

Is Facebook server down today?

Facebook.com is UP and reachable by us.

Why is nobody seeing my Facebook posts?

The Facebook Page algorithm is quite different than the one for Profiles. … But unless they’re interacting (liking, reacting to, commenting, or sharing) immediately with your content, there’s a chance Facebook’s algorithm will hide your post so no one will see it.

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What happened to Facebook News tab?

In 2018, Facebook changed its news-feed algorithm to show users more content from friends and less from news sources because, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg put it, “it can be good for our well-being.” When the platform did surface news, it said it would be from publications users found to be “trusted sources.” Then in late …

How do I fix Facebook not responding?

How to Fix Facebook Not Responding [2021 Updated]

  1. Fixing Facebook Not Responding Issue on Android or iPhone. …
  2. Connect to a much stronger internet connection. …
  3. Check your smartphone’s available space. …
  4. Log-out and log-in again to your Facebook account. …
  5. Clean up Facebook cache to solve the problem.

What’s app not working?

If WhatsApp isn’t the problem, then it might be the app. One easy fix you can try is simply closing and reopening WhatsApp. It might also help to log out and log back in. This should kill the pesky bugs and get all the gears back in place.

Why is the server down?

A server can go down for many reasons. Maybe a physical machine loses power, or perhaps the operating system or network card experiences an issue — many variables can cause a failure. … Additionally, your network monitoring tool can display the status of your local and external devices in a customizable dashboard.

Why are my Facebook posts not being seen 2021?

Basically, the Facebook algorithm is the platform’s way of deciding which posts to push in users’ feeds, and when those posts appear. Posts don’t appear in chronological order. Instead, the algorithm assesses and scores posts before ordering them based on interest in a user’s feed.

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Is Facebook hiding my posts?

Breaking down this myth: “Facebook is hiding us from you! … Facebook is not intentionally “hiding” posts from any pages. I’ve written about Edgerank before(Facebook’s algorithm that determines what gets seen in your news feed) and I’ve written about ways to conquer it to reach more of your fans.