Should Facebook video ads have sound?

Since most video ads in mobile feed are viewed without sound, make sure to express your message visually. In one study of Facebook video ads, 41% of videos were basically meaningless without sound. Showing captions, logos and products can help communicate your message, even in silence.

Can Facebook ads have audio?

Different types of Facebook ads– the social media platform offers options for different kinds of ads. They include images, videos, audio, and text advertising. Having these options gives you the freedom to choose a format that best serves your target audience.

Do Facebook video ads Autoplay with sound?

Video content now begins automatically playing without sound for many users as they scroll through their news feed, on both their desktop and mobile devices. The new autoplay video ads will behave in exactly the same way.

What makes a good Facebook video ad?

Keep your videos short: Make your video length 15 seconds or less so that people are more likely to watch until the end. Video ads that are 15 seconds or less are also eligible for Instagram Stories and Facebook in-stream placements.

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What are the 3 most important parts of a video ad for Facebook?

You can use Facebook video ads for all three goals of the marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, and conversion.

  • Awareness. Create a storytelling video ad that attracts your target audience’s attention and gets you your first leads.
  • Consideration. …
  • Conversion.

How do I stop Facebook Videos from playing sound?

First, click the three-line icon in the bottom-right hand corner of the Facebook app. Then, tap “Settings.” Next, hit “Account Settings.” Then tap “Sounds.” There, you should see an option to turn off “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound.”

How do I remove sound from a video I posted on Facebook?


  1. In the Facebook app click the Menu button (three horizontal lines that resemble a burger at the bottom-right of the screen)
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Tap on Account Settings.
  4. Tap on Sounds.
  5. Disable Videos in News Feed Start With Sound.

How do I silence my Facebook ads?

To turn automatic sound for News Feed videos on or off:

  1. In the top right of Facebook, tap .
  2. Scroll down and tap Settings and Privacy then tap Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Preferences and tap Media.
  4. Below Autoplay, tap or next to Videos Start With Sound to turn automatic sound on or off.

How do I stop ads from playing sound?

Go to and select Manage your data & personalization > Go to ad settings. Toggle Ad personalization to On, or select Turn Off next to ads you want to mute. To mute categories, go to How your ads are personalized, select a topic, then select Turn off.

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How do I mute ads on Facebook 2020?

Open the Facebook app then click on ‘Settings’ on the upper right-hand corner of your homepage. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select ‘Account Settings’. Select ‘Ads’ at the bottom of the list and then tap on ‘Ad settings’. You will find two sections on the type of ads that you can disable.

How long should Facebook ads be?

For in-stream video ads (ads placed before or during other video content), Facebook themselves recommend a length of 5-15 seconds (though they allow you to go up to 31 seconds). For standalone ads in News Feed, Facebook also recommends creating ads that are 15 seconds or shorter.

How do you make a successful Facebook video ad?

Keep these tips in mind and be sure to review these and other compelling Facebook video ads to ensure success for your business:

  1. Create Attention-Grabbing Content.
  2. Make Sure Your Video Works Muted.
  3. Tell a Story and Use Social Proof.
  4. Choose the Square Video Format.
  5. Don’t Forget a Title and Description.
  6. Evaluate Your Analytics.

How long should a Facebook ad description be?

The median length for ad post text is just 14 words long, again keeping it short and to the point. The link description is a little longer, at 18 words. We strongly suggest you keep your text tight and to the point. estate, and aren’t there to tell your life story.

Are video ads effective?

Video ads merge two things that catch user attention: movement and sound. Both of these play an important role in conveying an efficient message, hence leading to better engagement. … 27.4 times more likely to click-through online video ads than standard banners. Almost 12 times more than rich media ads.

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How long should social media video ads be?

Currently, the ideal length of a video is two minutes. This is according to multiple marketing studies, surveys, and tests—though another study conducted by HubSpot found that audience engagement actually decreased after about one minute. So, for the moment, around 1-2 minutes is a good range.

How long can a video be on Facebook ads?

Similar to organic videos, Facebook video ads can be up to 240 minutes. But you really should keep them as short as possible. Remember, when you pay to promote a video as an ad, you’re showing up in the feeds of viewers that aren’t necessarily looking for your content (and they may not even know who you are!).