What framework does Facebook use?

Facebook uses PHP for its front-end, and they also spend a lot of time dispatching to back-end services. Again their framework is home-grown, but they have even gone so far as to build their own PHP engine and development tools. They’ve open-sourced some of their framework code as well.

What backend frameworks does Facebook use?

I can tell you that Facebook uses PHP as a frontend presentation layer and backend is mostly MySQL and (for message search) Cassandra. More information can be found here. Google uses BigTable for backend repository (I don’t know if they use MySQL or other technologies).

What platform does FB use?

What kind of software does Facebook Use? Facebook was developed from the ground up using open source software. The site is written primarily in the PHP programming language and uses a MySQL database infrastructure.

What framework does YouTube use?

The technologies used by Youtube are therefore Python, Apache and MySQL. Frameworks such as Django or Cherrypy are much too large for migration.

What framework does Instagram use?

At Instagram, we have the world’s largest deployment of the Django web framework, which is written entirely in Python. We began using Python early on because of its simplicity, but we’ve had to do many hacks over the years to keep it simple as…

Does Facebook use Django?

Facebook has a simple and robust API which allows users to build applications for the Facebook platform. We being the intelligent developers will use the superb Django framework to build our application. … The completed application is deployed to facebook here.

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