What happens when you link a game to Facebook?

What happens when you connect a game to Facebook? – Quora. This usually means that you can challenge your friends on facebook to a game. But, it also means that you have an account with the game (any progress you made will be saved, so that it is not lost), sometimes you can trade or gift your friends.

What does connecting a game to Facebook do?

Connecting your game to Facebook allows you to play the same town on multiple devices, such as a phone and a tablet, so that you can check what’s happening in your town wherever you are. … Connecting your game to Facebook allows you to post photos from your town and share those fun moments with your friends.

Is it safe to link games to Facebook?

The maker of the popular FarmVille game has agreed to change its practices that subjected Facebook users to some scammy offers. But the more games and apps that you use on Facebook, the higher your risk for malware, phishing scams and hacking. … To make Facebook a friendlier-and safer-place to play.

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Can people see what Facebook games you play?

Unless you disable the feature, then you’re right, Facebook is telling the world what game you’re playing and when you’ve played it. There are many reasons that you would want to hide your “gaming status” from your Facebook friends. … You can however, disable the feature for each individual game you play.

How do I disconnect a game from Facebook?

How do I remove an app or game that I’ve added on Facebook?

  1. In the top left of Facebook, tap your profile picture.
  2. Scroll down, tap Settings, then tap Apps and Websites.
  3. Tap Logged in with Facebook.
  4. Tap the app or website that you want to remove.
  5. Below the name of the app or website, tap Remove.

Can I still play games if I deactivate Facebook?

1 Answer. Once you deactivate your Facebook account, you will not be able to login any app or game which is associated with your account. Deactivating account means hiding your account temporarily and it will not delete any information even not game scores etc.

Why you should not play games on Facebook?

Why you should be careful

A major concern with taking online quizzes is unwittingly giving out sensitive information to unknown individuals not affiliated with Facebook. These quizzes or personality test games usually request access to not just your profile, but everyone on your friends list who has played the game.

How do I see what apps are connected to my Facebook?

To see which apps you log into with Facebook, now or in the past, go to settings, then “apps and websites,“ then “logged in with Facebook. “ From here, you can see all the apps you’ve logged into with Facebook, now or in the past.

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How do I recover a deleted app on Facebook?

3 Answers. If you are one of the admin of the app then you will see the deleted apps there. just click on restore and it will send an email to the administrator’s contact email where they can restore it back!

How do I delete Thug Life game on Facebook?

Tap on ‘Instant Games’. Ensure that the active tab is selected at the top of your screen. Scroll and select ‘Thug Life’ from this list. Tap on ‘Remove’ at the top of the list to remove ‘Thug Life’ from your messenger account.

How do I delete sports from Facebook?

How to remove sports scores from facebook!

  1. Open your facebook application and in the lower right click ‘more’.
  2. Scroll down to “sports”. You may have to click “see more”
  3. Once in “sports” you can then check the teams that do or don’t interest you.