What is a pinned list twitter?

Twitter’s Pinned Lists feature allows you to easily switch between your Twitter Lists and main timeline on mobile. Whether you’re a Twitter List pro or just starting out, we’ll break down all of the benefits and steps for unlocking this valuable feature.

What is a PIN list?

PIN List is used to manage lists of PINs (numerical passwords) that can be used to access restricted features such as outbound routes. The PIN can also be presented in the CDR record.

How do you unpin a list on twitter?

If you want to remove a list from the timeline, you can tap on the Pin icon again to unpin it. You can also reorder the lists by first tapping on the “Edit” button. Then tap and hold on the Handle icon and move the list so that they’re in the order that you want. Once you’re done editing, tap on the “Done” button.

What does pinning a list view do?

Each user can pin their own list view, giving your users more control over their Salesforce experience.

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What is pin to profile on twitter?

Pinned Tweets are Tweets that stay static on the top of your profile. When people visit your profile, the pinned Tweet is the first thing they see, regardless of when you Tweeted it.

What happens to an unpinned Tweet?

Unpinning a Pinned Tweet from Your Profile

Confirm the removal with “Unpin,” and the tweet will be removed from the top of your profile. Tip: Deleting the tweet will also unpin it if that wasn’t obvious. Below, you can see a profile with a pinned tweet (left) and after removing it (right).

How do I unpin a list?

On the Lists screen, you will see all the lists that are pinned, and below that, a complete list of all your lists. There will be a pin button next to each list. Tap it to pin/unpin a list.

How do I stop people from seeing my followers on Twitter?

You will then have to select the help and settings icon which can be found at the top right-hand side of your page. Next, choose the part labeled as safety and privacy. When here, make sure that you check the Protect my tweets box to make your account private.

What type of data does ListView take?

Answer: The ListView is the view that has the complete groups several items as well as it mainly display vertical scrollable list. List items has been automatically inserted with list using an Adapter pulls content from a source such as an array or database.

How do I clear recently viewed list in Salesforce?

To do so, go to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > [Select Profile] > Object Settings >Accounts. Click Edit and change Tab Settings to Tab Hidden.

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Can we deploy list views in Salesforce?

When you have many List View available to all users or certain group of users, you can deploy the List View using Change Set. List View deployed will include Name, Filter Criteria, Fields and Visibility.

Why should you pin a tweet?

When your pinned tweet gets liked and retweeted, people see this engagement as social proof. … So, the engagement a pinned tweet receives not only encourages more engagement but also helps your own social proof. In turn, your pinned tweet gets more mileage and you look like an all-star! It’s the snowball effect.

How do I pin a list on twitter?

On mobile, select “Lists” from the left-side navigation menu. Then, tap the thumbtack icon by each of the Lists (up to five) you want to pin: You’re all set! When you go back to your home timeline, you’ll have the ability to scroll between it and the Lists you’ve pinned.

How do you pin a tweet to someone?

Here’s how to pin a tweet on Twitter:

  1. Open up your Twitter account.
  2. Scroll down to the tweet you want to pin.
  3. Click on the inverted triangle or dropdown menu on the top corner of the right hand side.
  4. Choose the option “pin to your profile page“.
  5. Done.
  6. You just pinned a tweet to the top of your profile page on twitter.