Where is ad account settings on Facebook?

Your Ad Preferences page is a place to review and update your ad settings so you can take more control over what information we use when deciding what ads to show you. In the top left of Facebook, tap your profile picture. Scroll down and tap Settings. Scroll down to Permissions and select Ad Preferences.

How do I get to ad account settings on Facebook?

Go to Business Settings. Click Accounts from the left side menu. Then, click Ad Accounts.

How do I get to ad account settings?

In the Business Manager, go to Business Settings and select “Ad Accounts” on the menu to your left. On this screen, you can add new users to your ad account and edit the permissions of those who are already associated with your account.

Where is Account Settings in ads manager?

Method 2. In your Facebook Ads Manager, click on the main menu on the top left corner of the page. From the menu, select, Ad Account settings.

How do I create a Facebook ad account for a client?

To add a new ad account, the client needs to head to Business Settings in Business Manager, click on Accounts, and then click on Add Accounts. They should see a dropdown menu with three options, one of which being to add a new account. Then proceed to complete the process.

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What is a ad account on Facebook?

What is a Facebook Ad Account? … Found in your Facebook Business Manager page, it groups all the relevant information for specific ads, whether it be your multitude of campaigns, ad sets, and also the more nitty-gritty business management stuff like your billing information.

How do I use Facebook Ad Credits?

To redeem your ad credit code:

  1. Go to your Payment Settings.
  2. In the Payment Method section, click Add Payment Method.
  3. Select Facebook Ad Credit.
  4. Enter your ad credit code and then click Apply.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Create a new ad in Ad Center or Ads Manager.
  7. Confirm your ad details.