Why can’t I tag a friend in comments on Facebook?

Because anyone can tag a Page – but tagging a person doesn’t always work. Using default privacy settings, Facebook profiles can someone on Facebook, and they can tag Pages – whether or not they’ve liked that those Pages.

Why can’t I tag a friend in comments?

The person you are trying to tag is either not on your friends’ list or has blocked you out. , Worked in cellphone sales and service for 5 years, computer also for 15 years. It may be a setting on that page that prevents it. It could also be the persons personal settings in their account that prevents tagging.

How do you tag a person in a comment on Facebook?

How do I mention people, Pages or groups in a post or comment on Facebook? Type the person’s name with a capitalized first letter. Select a name from the list that appears. Type “@” and then the Page’s or group’s name.

How do you tag someone in a comment?

Create a new post or select an existing post that you’d like to tag someone in. Type ‘@’ followed by the person’s name you want to tag in the post or comment. When the name appears in the drop-down menu, click it. Press ‘Share’ to post and send a notification to the user you’ve tagged.

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Can you tag someone on Facebook after posting?

Go to your timeline and open the post you want to tag. 2. If it’s a photo, tap on the tag icon at the top of the screen. Then tap the part where you want the tag to appear and enter the page name.

How do I tag a photo in a comment on Facebook?

To tag someone in a text post or comment, you can simply type the @ symbol followed by their name.

  1. However, photo tagging is a little different, so let’s examine it fully. …
  2. If you want to tag a new image as you upload it, click the Edit button in the top-left corner of the post, then select Tag photo from the left side.

How do I tag someone in someone else’s post?

Here’s how.

  1. Tap the speech bubble icon under a post to make a comment.
  2. Type out your message (if necessary) then type “@” and start entering the person’s Instagram username. Type out the username of the person you want to tag and click their name. …
  3. Tap the proper username to tag them in your comment.

How do I tag someone in a Facebook post after posting?

From the top bar, make sure you are on the Normal Mode. Now click an image or make a video that you want to add to your story. Once that is done, tap on “Aa” to add text, and type “@” followed by the name of whom you want to tag.