Why do I keep getting kicked off FB?

It’s possible that you’re being logged out of Facebook because the site is experiencing problems. Sign out of your account and wait for awhile before logging back in. If you’re still having problems, contact Facebook to alert them to the error with the Consistent Logout Problems form (link in Resources).

How can I stay signed in to Facebook?

Tap the Password field on the form, and enter your Facebook password. Tap the blue Log In button. This will sign you into your account, and open your News Feed. You will stay logged in on the app unless you manually log out, or delete the app and re-install it later.

What to do if Facebook logs you out?

If the Facebook app keeps logging you out, make sure to change your password and log out of all devices. If that doesn’t help, clear local data or reinstall the app.

Why does my Facebook app keep logging me out?

  1. Change your password. …
  2. Clear data from the Facebook app. …
  3. Reinstall Facebook. …
  4. Report the problem to Facebook.

Why do I have to keep signing in on Facebook?

Facebook Glitches

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You might be logged out because the site is undergoing maintenance or experiencing some other issues. If Facebook keeps logging you out, even after you made sure that you cleared cookies and cache, and no one else is trying to log in, log out and wait a while.

Can you get kicked out of Facebook?

We know from the plethora of requests for help that we receive about locked accounts that Facebook is more willing than ever to ban users who don’t follow their rules. …

Why is my FB not working?

Clear cache on Android:

Open the Settings app. Go into Apps. Find the Facebook app under See all apps. … Hit Clear Cache.

Why is Facebook asking for my password All of a sudden 2021?

Facebook is asking its users to re-enter their passwords. Ironically, this is happening after users click on a Facebook ad from Facebook itself to help them improve their account security. … It’s now prompting Facebook users for their passwords immediately after they land on it. Try it yourself.

Why did Facebook log me out and say session expired?

What Does Facebook Session Expired Mean? Facebook uses sessions to authenticate that your Facebook account is within its service. Session relies on the cached information on your computer or mobile phone. If the cached information is accidentally or intentionally cleared, the session will end.

How do I get unbanned from Facebook?


  1. if you were blocked from sharing, you can only wait or report a problem via the Help center.
  2. if your account was temporarily blocked with no further information, Facebook recommends waiting 24 hours before requesting a review of the decision;
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